The Job Gods Have Answered...

I finally landed a job in Korea!!! I had the opportunity to interview for a public school position in Seoul, which was what I thought I really wanted. However, when I think about the fact that I'm completely new to the teaching field, I turned it down. I didn't think classes with 50 kids would really suit my personality. I have enough anxiety!! I'll be working in Bucheon, a suburb of Seoul. I'm told it's about 30 mins by express subway from downtown Seoul so I'm happy. I think I'll enjoy it very much. The school only has 5 teachers, including myself. I'd be the only English teacher and classes have an average of 6 students -- much more manageable! I'll be leaving within a couple of weeks. The current English teacher there is leaving shortly, but he's been helping me prepare for the transition. I'm so thankful for that. It seems like I've stumbled upon something really good. He even said that I'll have a pretty sweet apartment!! Anyway, I feel glad that I waited and held out for what I really wanted. There's no such thing as a perfect contract, but you can be somewhat picky. Don't get discouraged because there are so many jobs out there. You're bound to find one that fits you :)

Anyway, another tip -- it's expensive sending stuff to Korea! LOL. I paid an exorbitant amount just sending my diploma. Just be prepared for some of the expenditures you'll have leading up to your actual arrival. I'm currently bumming money off of my Mom and running up a nice tab on my credit cards so be careful! I'll be packing for the next couple weeks...can't wait to get on the plane!!!

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