The Waiting (for my visa) Game

So it would seem I'm not leaving for a few more weeks. The school wants me to get my teaching E-2 visa here in the States. Initially, they wanted me to come right away and they'd just send me on a good ole visa run to Japan. Who passes up a free trip to Japan?!?! However, I don't mind getting it here. It'll require an extra trip to DC and I'll have to crash with my best friend, Meeka, for a long weekend. And that means I have to cough up the $45 or whatever processing fee. But that's okay. This just means I get to spend more time with my parents (who can drive me up a wall!!), my friends, and "the boo". Yes, I did the completely retarded thing and got a boo before I'm leaving for a year. But oh well. Sometimes things just happen, people come into your life at inopportune moments, and you just roll with it. I'm always optimistic about these things so for now, I'm just riding the wave.

I've been trying to get a part time job since I'm hangin around for a little longer. It's kinda frustrating, but in all honesty, who the heck's gonna hire me for 3 weeks?! I even considered doing telemarketing...the money's good, quick, and doesn't require me to expose myself. I'm IN! So I dunno...I really should start gathering up all the crap I've gotta haul to Korea though. Apparently, my feet are so incredibly big (surprise) that I'll have to bring an entire suitcase for my shoes. Finding my size 9.5 is gonna be next to impossible. Lucky me. :) Well, I guess I'll end here. For once, nothing is really pestering me. But just give it some time....oh yeah, I hope folks wore black today for the young black men in Jena, LA. I know I did. We can move mountains. That's all for now.....J

OH YEAH...to all my friends who want to see me so bad before I leave, try hauling your behind to Richmond!!! I'm broke and can't afford to be running all over the country to visit you!! :P

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