Asian Haircuts & Hello Immigration!!!

What a loooong day...I'm actually yawning as I post this. I woke up at 7am to go running. It was cold as a witch's teat outside, too but I stuck it out. I was basically heaving by the end of it. So I went to Seoul to get a trim from Steve's hairstylist friend. He didn't cut off all my hair but he got a little scissor happy. He spoke English and overall he did a great job. He wore like a gun holster of scissors, which I thought was awesome. I couldn't take my eyes off them. He'd whip 'em out like they were his six shooters or something. Straight from the Wild Wild West you know?? So I sat down in the chair and he asked me regular questions like when was the last time I got a trim and how do I normally style my hair, etc. Mind you, I had already done my hair that morning so I thought it wouldn't be a problem. But oh no...then, he took a spray bottle of water and spritzed it all over my hair!!! I was like "Oh dear God...this is gonna be bad.." That's never happened before...so all the while he's trimming, he's chatting me up about where I'm from and what I think of Korea, and blah blah blah. But you know I'm steady watching his hands. He's making random comments about my hair like "Ohhh, your hair is very thin....very prone to damage. And you have no perm right?" "Yes...yes I do have a perm.." "Oh yes, I can see your hair is very curly!! Your hair's really soft...very thin" Then he said something about thinning out my hair because it was very "heavy"....and I'm like "wait, what? it's already thin..." I've seen this done before, mostly on non African-Americans OR like when I had a weave, she kinda "shaved" the weave hair to give it more style, more weight so it would hang nicer. I get it. HOWEVER, on my already thinning hair, I don't need you cutting out chunks of it just for effect. He literally cut a chunk or two starting from the scalp in his attempt to thin out my hair. Obviously something got lost in translation here and I said "NO! STOP!! That's okay! I don't need that...no, really, just a trim..." Hahaha...And he backed away slowly with the scissors. :) He didn't seem to understand that I curl my hair, I don't wear it straight. Because THEN he tried to blow dry it out and it's already frizzy from having water sprayed on it. What an ordeal. When he was finished, he put some Korean product on it called "The Essence". The essence of what I have no idea but it smelled amazing...

I thought I'd get back home in time to re-curl the rat's nest on my head before work but no such luck. So, you can imagine what I looked like walking in there. I just blamed it on humdity! So, I also had a run-in with Korean immigration today. For the record, you don't wanna deal with immigration in ANY country. You just don't. They're miserable people. I'm sitting at my desk doing lesson plans and all of a sudden, these 2 men and my Director walk in. "We are from immigration" (they had badges, too) "Please show us your ARC (Alien Registration Card)". A lot of teachers are here illegally (I am not) and so obviously, they're trying to crack down on them. They do these random searches quite often. Luckily, my ARC was processed as soon as I arrived, BUT I didn't have it on me because my Director asked for it back in order to do a police check. Yes, South Korea and Asia in general is also a haven for child molesters, pedophiles, and sexual deviants. So schools are running police checks now. My record, obviously, is clear. So I explained to immigration that my Director had my card and thankfully she whipped it out for them along with my passport which contains my 1-year teaching visa stamp. Thank Goodness!! Now, had I been there illegally, I wouldn't have necessarily been kicked out of Korea. Immigration officials can be bought. You grease their palms for a nice little fee of say, $1,000 and they're off your case for a year or so. Quid pro quo!

So, hopefully that's my first and last run-in with the law here....I'm keepin it nice and "Kopastetic" as Jar would say :) Speaking of my brother, where the DEVIL is he?! I haven't talked to him in weeks!! He just forgot all about me huh?! Jive turkey...Anyway, I'm going to sleep cuz my eyes are closing, my brain is shutting down, I'm through...<3 J

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Christina said...

By the way, ROFLMAO at your last post about that kid...Hilarious!!!! And you need to post some pics somewhere of that new haircut