Mama Needs A Gym!!!

Yeah, me and my overactive metabolism. I have withdrawal from working out the same way heroin addicts do. And it's getting so bad. Let's break it down...I have about 200,000 won to my name right now (roughly $200). I don't get paid for another 2 weeks or so. Why am I seriously considering taking 150,000 won and joining a gym for 3 months versus say....oh, I dunno..buying food?!?! I'm a total junkie or gym freak, as Michelle so lovingly calls me. This is a sickness, people!! A sickness!!! It's obviously my Mom's fault that I'm like this. This woman used to work out 7 days a week. And do you think 2 hip replacements have slowed her down????? NO!!! So basically, I see how my life is going to turn out. :) Hahaha....I'll be back at the park in the morning sweating it out I guess. I need my fix.

Anywho...it's Friday night and I'm chillin in the room. Where does the time go? Every night, I'm mysteriously up until 3am. Doing what? I have no idea. Browsing websites. I rarely watch tv at all anymore. In fact, I haven't even turned on my tv in about 5 days. I either watch movies on my computer or....there is no "or". I dont know how I spend my time. It just goes. Lol. I listen to music a lot. I read my friends' blogs. I check and answer emails. I write occassionally. I dunno...perhaps I shouldn't worry about it so much huh??

So one of my classes is driving me bananas. No, they're not rowdy. They're...well, I think they are brain-dead. Almost catatonic. Yeah thats a good word for them. They suck. I can't seem to get them to TALK! It's one of my most advanced classes, too which is why I'm in such shock. Either they are just completely freaking lazy or they hate me or they hate English...I can't put my finger on it. But I've gotta figure it out because I have an entire year to deal with them. I mean, I literally want to scratch my eyes out. Tonight I just got angry and gave them major attitude. I think they could feel my frustration but it didnt seem to matter. They still sucked. I've gotta get through to them. I guess this is where I will hone my real skills as an English teacher. This is my challenge and I will not lose!!

My plumbing is much better, thanks for asking. Apparently, it's all normal when adjusting to a new place. I get it, but it still sucks. So much for my stomach of steel. I'm going to E-Mart this weekend with my coworker so he can help me buy good vegetables. I think I'll go ahead and buy food with that money. Because at the end of the day, I'd rather not pass out at the gym where no one speaks English. :)

So it looks like I may be headed to Itaewon yet again this weekend.....my new friend Oscar has invited me on a pub crawl with some folks. Doesn't that require drinking and such? Yeah, I'm not a big fan. But I do want to meet new people. Oscar's really cool. He also told me about a Halloween party coming up. Wow. I haven't dressed up for Halloween in a long time. I think I'll go as a black woman in Korea. That's pretty original. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

And I'm off to watch a movie and get some rest. I miss my friends and family. :( And NYC. And the boo. And grits and eggs. Mmmmm...if I find some grits out here, it's about to be a wonderful year!! LOL *sigh* Goodnight!!! Until next time...<3 J


Anonymous said...

Aww do you want me to send you some grits? You might not get them until Christmas but hey! At least you will have some on hand :-)

And for Halloween you should be some Black celebrity and confuse the poor Koreans into giving you the VIP treatment (read free drinks) all night long. Mwahahahaha

Christina said...

Wow, not only are you a gym freak, but just a freak in general. I think that those little kids realize that and they're just like am I really supposed to listen to this foreigner who just so happens to be the color of my poo poo.....Im sure that you'll find some crazy way of getting them into the whole learning english thing, i mean, hey, I still havent even mastered this language. And I personally think that its a bad idea to spend your 200,000 WAN(I love saying that) on the gym...Your absolutely crazy for even thinking such a thing....I thought that I would never say this to you, but EAT FOOL!!!!!