The Pringles Can is Half Full

No, really, it is. You know why? Because I ate the other half. As of right now, I eat Pringles, PBJ, yogurt, and cereal everyday. Every once in awhile, I eat some meat and veggies. I've gotta get on track here. But since I don't cook, especially not when I have no idea what the hell the ingredients are, times are tough. For whatever reason, I've convinced myself that eating an entire can of LIGHT Pringles somehow negates the fact that I've eaten an entire can. By myself.

But, you smart cookie, you, this post is also metaphorical. My life in general right now is pretty full. Everything appears to be in its place. And naturally, like a good cynic, I am waiting for the bottom to fall out. I have no idea why I do that. While I am suspicious of this unusually calm point in my life, I am able to live in it. I'm able to roll around and get (somewhat) comfy in it. I'm healthy for the most part, thanks to the ridiculous amount of vitamins and random shit my mother shoved in my bag. I like my job....in fact, I really love my job. My kids are so adorable. Except for one jerk. Yes, a 9-year old can be a jerk. There, I said it! It takes a lot to piss me off and he's managed to do it in two classes. He's pretty much trying to make my life pure hell for the next year. But the other angels make up for this annoyingosity. I just look at him like a little dollar sign and suddenly, he's more manageable. :)

****Put DOWN the Pringles, Joia!! Put them DOWN!!!!****

I hesitate to discuss my love life because I'm afraid that verbalizing it will make it disappear. Call me superstitious but oh well. The last time I was in a "relationship", I put it on Facebook only to be removing it 7 days later. Until I'm married, my status will always be single. Haha. So I've learned my lesson. I GET IT, GOD!! Mums the word. Suffice to say that portion of my life feels in order but as I've noticed, time will reveal all flaws and blemishes. Time also tests character and patience. And so I wait...like an anxious little kid who has to pee...for my love tests.

Let's talk about my trip to Seoul last weekend!! So some of my new friends here showed me around Itaewon, aka Foreigner Central. Jeebus! It felt like Canal Street. I didn't even feel like I was in Korea anymore. We stopped at a place called Yongsan. You can buy anything electronic there. And I mean, ANYthing. Hell, they might even sell teleporters for all I know. It's just floors and floors of stuff. I'm pretty slow with electronics so I didn't get the urge to blow all my money....but I can see how you would. We hung around Itaewon for a couple of hours. I saw the Red Light District. Fancy! These hookers have store front windows. All that's missing is a big ole "FOR SALE!" sign. Seriously. They sit there in the window, half dressed, waiting for...entry, I suppose. I videotaped some of this, but one of them got a little pissed and started yelling so I had to cease and desist. We also ate at a burger joint which had AMAZING burgers and fries. Wow...it was about $12 or so. Everything's expensive in Itaewon. That burger was worth the upset stomach I suffered later. I also bought a cute little beret. I bargained them down to $8. I was proud of myself because I usually just pay whatever they say. But, if you wrinkle up your nose and forehead a little and give them a blank stare...they just start droppin the price!! Incredible! Try it!!

What else? Oh, I'd meant to do a separate post for this but since I'm rather lazy with this, better do it now while I'm in the blogging mood. So, before I got here, I kept reading and hearing about all this racism in South Korea. In fact, it almost scared me to the point of not coming. I thought, "Well, why would I go halfway around the world to be treated like crap?? I can get that at home!" I've only been here 9 days so I'm definitely not writing the end-all, be-all on the subject. But I haven't FELT it. Not the way people have described it to me. The pointing and laughing, the jeering and rudeness. I don't know. I get stared at sometimes, but I don't really notice people going out of their way to be mean. Even the teenage boys, who are notorious for being rude. I walk by groups of them and nothing.... mind you, I DO NOT speak or understand a lick of Korean outside of hello, goodbye, and thank you. Oh, a curse word here and there. So I don't know what they're saying. They could be cursing me up and down. But I'm speaking specifically about people's actions. Truthfully, I don't feel that out of place. I don't feel so isolated. If anything, people seem eager to help me out and talk to me. I was out running one day, looking a hot mess...and this guy just started waving at me profusely and blew me a kiss. What???? Yeah, a little strange. Or if I catch someone staring at me, I just wave and smile and suddenly, they're doing it too.

I have come to the conclusion that it is not skin color that offends some people here. They are somewhat curious by brown skin. Some of my students really like my eyes because they say they're big. Having big eyes is popular around here. Some people ask about my height. I guess I'm tall for a chick, especially compared to Korean women. But most people here are very skinny. Not anorexic. It's just the body type. I mean, they eat lots of vegetables here so it's not all that surprising. When Koreans see overweight people, they are completely paralyzed. Let's define overweight here. Not obese. No, no. If you're above a size 8, you're going to have problems here. It's insane. If any part of your body is larger than what they're used to, they'll be sure to let you know about it. Big boobs? Pointing and laughing. Big booty? Staring and gawking. Pooch? You get my message...I'm lacking in many of those areas so I feel like maybe I blend in more. It's almost as if they see right through me. So, in my 9 day old analysis of Korea, that's what I see - an unacceptance of different sized people. My eyes are new and I'll keep them wide open. After all, these are my musings...no one else's. I also walk really fast, like I've always got somewhere to be. Which means I don't have time to see if people are staring at me or not. But overall, people are keen on talking to me and trying to make conversation. I did have one woman who gasped when she bumped into me. Big deal, lady!!! KEEP IT MOVING!!!

Alright, time to watch a movie and go to sleep. This post should last you a couple days at least! Until next time..<3 J

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Christina said...

Haha, manm my boobs are huge, so I guess that i'll get stared at!!! But, thats what happens in the US, so it wont bother me as much...And no fool, eating light pringles doesnt make the fact that you arent really eating alright. Im gonna send you a grocery list of essentials