Seoul Shakin'

Alright so I got home around 6AM...Needless to say, I've been pretty lazy all day. I had a pretty good time in Seoul last night. I met an interesting cast of characters. :) So, all day Saturday, I didn't do much. I woke up and went running in a big park I recently discovered. It was really nice because they have a real track. Much easier on my knees. There were a million people out there this morning. It looked like a kiddie festival as they had closed off roads and all I saw were Korean kiddies riding around in their electronic toy cars and acting crazy. But I loved the atmosphere. Some vendors gave me a "thumbs up" as I went running by. And two old geezers attempted to talk to me...in Korean! So the rest of the day, I did nothing. I was really excited about going back to Seoul, but things were looking a little shady because I hadn't heard from my friends all day. I'm thinking, "Dang, they're totally gonna bail on me...I just know it." And I was right - they didn't feel like going. So, never one to sit by and take it, I called up Ash's cousin, Aaron. I knew he was going so we made it happen. I got in a cab to the subway station and took the subway to Yongsan, all by myself. I wasn't scared but it was overwhelming at times. I just didn't make any eye contact and went about my business. Lol. A couple people on the train looked at me but overall no issues. So I get to Yongsan and it's just chaos. I think some kinda concert or show was letting out because there were SO many people coming toward me. If I were the claustrophic type, I may have passed out. So anyway, hailing a taxi in a busy place like Yongsan is not so easy on a Saturday night. Luckily, there was another foreigner going to Itaewon, too so we shared a cab! His name was O and get this!? He used to work for Bloomingdale's! What a small world! It was so funny. So we talked about retail. Before he came over here to teach, he was working out in LA for Diesel. He's also Mexican-American and his family is from Guadalajara. We had so much in common so we exchanged numbers. He lives in Incheon, about 15-20 mins from me. He told me about a place in Seoul where we can get good pedicures, which I desperately need right now. He said most Korean women scoff at the idea of doing pedicures because only the hookers do them. This explains why I can't find a good place here! I know it's hard to believe since there's one on every corner back home....but the boat doesnt float that way in SoKo. Nope.

While I was on the subway, I got a call from Nic saying that she and K had changed their minds and were coming out to Itaewon! Yay! So anyway, I met up with Aaron and his 2 friends, Christine (Filipino) and DK (Korean). We went to the King Club, a hip hop place. We got a big "kettle" or jug of grape flavored Soju. It tasted just like Kool-Aid, which explains why I was tipsy after 2 cups. They were playing some down south music. I didn't know it but Koreans love line dancing...they went especially crazy for the Soulja Boy and the Cupid Shuffle. YES!! I kid you not! I was in shock...it was very entertaining. And I must say, not such bad dancers. I mean, there were some awful ones for sure. Like one woman who was literally dancing with her own reflection all night. She was freakin weird. But overall, not bad! When I met up with Karen and Nichole, we kinda club hopped. We spent most of our time next door at Club Cancun. The music was better and they had AC. By about 230AM, I was a little wiped out but I kept dancing to stay awake. So, here's what most people do in Itaewon: if you don't live in Itaewon, you've usually taken a subway or bus to get there. These stop running at midnight and don't start again until 530am. So, either you have to stay out all night and party, rent a cheap "love" hotel for $30 US or you can go to a sauna and sleep. The latter is pretty popular. For 10,000 won ($10 US), you can sleep on the floor and rent a blanket for like 1,000 won. Now, I didn't actually do this, but a lot of people do and it's cheaper than getting a taxi back to wherever you came from. Then you just hop on the train at 530am. I sure as hell did consider it because I was so tired, but I stuck it out. The idea seems a little strange to me...but I'll try it for S & G's one day.

Anyway, back to the club. We met a random group of chainsmoking Italian/Iranian guys. One of them, Marco, would NOT leave me alone. Literally, he was all up in my face - a blatant violation of my personal space. I finally elbowed him in the ribs and told him to quit it. When I'm sleepy and cranky, I'm not happy. And his stupid, drunk behind got the rough end. The rest of the night is rather schizophrenic meaning I can't really recall what happened first. My night was really a series of random events. I didn't drink any more alcohol I know my limitations now. Plus I wasn't around people I knew well and I prefer to stay sober and aware. We went to another club, the UN club. Pretty terrible. Bad music and just an awful caliber of people. Mostly crusty old dudes tryin to cop a cheap feel. Not my scene. Then we got some street meat...good ole chicken on a stick! Slathered in some kinda barbeque-y sauce. And little potato balls with salt and ketchup. Basically round french fries. lol. They were delicious though...oh my god. I've missed greasy food!!

I also saw a lot of trannies! There's an alleyway in Itaewon specifically for trannies. They all kinda hang out and try to pick up poor, unassuming fools. When we went back to King Club, I witnessed this schmuck totally feeling the "breasts" of one of them. I mean, it couldn't have been more obvious that it was a man. I dunno how many drinks it would take for an Adam's apple to disappear! Aside from the fact that they LOOK LIKE MEN, trannies here are super aggressive. They'll just grab you and start trying to feel on you. Normal Korean girls definitely don't do that.

Around 445AM or so, we just said "Screw it!" We decided to take a taxi back home. Lol. After having inadvertently smoked 85 packs of cigarettes, my lungs were collapsing. Seriously, I am beyond spoiled with the no-smoking laws in NYC. What a wonderful concept!! Unfortunately, that ain't happenin in Korea. Everybody seems to smoke and they do it nonstop! The floors were covered in cigarette butts and ashes. Just nasty. Now I see how I need to dress when I go out. Itaewon is not a grown and sexy place. It's kinda seedy and shady, especially at night. I've heard it's better during the day. Over the next year, I will be on the lookout for classier places. Cuz I'm a classy lady ;) But I had a really fun time! I was glad my friends decided to come. I was home by about 530AM. I sprayed my hair with tons of perfume. There's nothing worse than stale cigarette smoke. Ugh. Well until next time...<3 J


Christina said...

Really, perfume? You might as well wash your hair again and again like you always do!

Christina said...

Really, perfume? You might as well just wash your hair again and again like you always do!....And you gotta love the aggressive trannies. I mean, really, just walking up to someone and grabbing is clearly a kick in the ass over here, but they are so sure of themselves as half women!

Anonymous said...

Filarious!!! Glad to see you're having a great time. Miss ya lots