A Turkey-less Turkey Day, Weekend Updates and Korean Pop Music??

Boy, Thanksgiving has never felt more un-Thanksgiving-y. It was pretty regular and I tried not to think about all the good food I WASN'T eating. Classes have been pretty slow this week because all the kids have level testing and final exams. Therefore, nothing too exciting. I also have to write evaluations for 42 kids which means I'll be bringing work home. My favorite!

I had a pretty awesome weekend though! One of my best so far here in Korea. On Saturday, I woke up at the buttcrack of dawn to work out. Even though I didn't have a true Thanksgiving, I knew I'd be eating like a cow all weekend so damage control was necessary. After the gym, I went to the movies with Steve to see Beowulf. I had no desire to see this movie initially, but it was in 3-D so I agreed. At first, I felt silly wearing those stupid glasses. I kept thinking, "I don't see anything different...this is such a waste of money..." But then the movie started and WOW...stuff was literally jumping off the screen. It's one of my favorite movies I've seen...but only in 3-D :)

Later in the day I went out to dinner with the girls. It was a group of about 8 of us. We took the bus into Sinchon, a very busy area of Seoul. We had dinner at a Mexican restaurant called "On the Border". It's a US chain on the West coast. When I tell you I've never had such amazing Mexican food except in Mexico, I'm not even joking. We all decided that this place must have authentic old Mexican abuelas in the kitchen because it was incredible. I had to just pause and give thanks for my enchiladas and beans and my extra-grande sangria margarita. I haven't been that excited to see food in a long time! As much as I love being in Korea, I've yet to really warm up to the food here. I suddenly feel like a picky eater and that's not normally how I am.

So, after we all waddled out of there, we headed over to Hongdae to see a play called "A Ballerina Loves a Bboy". It's basically like a hip-hop version of Grease - girl and boy hate each other at first but girl falls in love and changes for the boy. And it was SOOOOO GOOD!!! It was held in an airtight, hotter-than-hell auditorium but what a show! I love bboys because I grew up watching the Breakin movies so I was really excited. These guys and girls were super talented. For 90 mins, they danced like it was going out of style. They pop-locked, they windmilled, they electric boogalooed. Haha...They truly entertained us and I had the best time! We were all oohing and aahing at their stunts. I really thought a couple of times that they were gonna break some bones, but they're professionals. And they do this everyday! Unreal! So here are some pictures from that..I was so mad that I actually FORGOT my camera at home. But Janice tooks pics for me and I thank God for that!! My friend Aeja has more pics. After the show, we hung around and talked to the dancers and took pictures. They were all so nice! A couple of them had dreads (or what appeared to be). Another one had an afro, believe it or not. His hair texture was really curly. I almost wanted to touch it! There was one real bgirl and 3 other hip hop dancers. One girl, who we nicknamed Kiki, just had a little extra rhythm. She reminded us of a video girl the way she danced. So when we talked to her, turns out her boyfriend is black! Go figure.... :)

I'll post more pics when Aeri gets them to me. Overall though, I had an awesome weekend. Well worth the money I spent!! :)

Now for something interesting....So, I've posted a video below. It's the hottest song in Korea right now and all my students, from the little ones to the middle schoolers, can't stop singing it!! It drives me crazy but now it's starting to wear on me. It's Korean cheesy pop at its best....and I kinda like it. Oh the shame! The video is pretty corny, but what can ya do!? Welcome to Korea!!! :) Until next time, J

Update: Sorry, the video got deleted! :(

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