Who Let Out the Crazy??

Today I had one of those "Ah-ha" moments, like in O magazine. I realized, in a most unfortunate way, why hats were invented. I know you're thinking, "Duh, they're for keeping your head warm..." But you'd be WRONG! They're for those moments when you're blowdrying your hair, minding your own business, and the piece of crap dies mid-way through and what are you left with?!?!?! That's right!!! Hair that is both wet and dry!! WET AND DRY!! Two in one!!! Yes, this was my exact situation this morning. If you've ever experienced this scenario, you know the horror. The sheer terror that grips you after your trusted friend (yes, the blowdryer) breathes its last puff of mangled air. It was like a little whimper and then silence. So, I did what any logical woman would do. I reached down and tried the little TEST buttons on the outlet. Yes, press it in, then something pops out then it restarts. After doing this 5 times (ok, 20) I threw in my towel. I waved the little white flag. I knew I'd have to venture out into the blistering cold and buy a new one. Not a big deal when your hair is totally dry...but I've got a little half-and-half action going on. I'd bought a beret-like cap a couple months ago so I shoved my messy mop of hair up under there and trekked out. I don't think I'd ever walked so fast in my life and I know I got the crazy looks from people. They had a bunch of models so I just grabbed any old one and ran back home. And NO, I didn't take a picture of my hair while in this state. Sorry to disappoint. But, there is an after shot! Surprise, my hair looks just like it always does...:)

I don't have much else to report. I ate enough cheese today to shame the entire state of Wisconsin and now I feel like a damn Whoopee Cushion. I do love cheese, but I think I overdid it this time. I had Pizza Hut for dinner and I think they only put cheese on the pizza because I don't recall seeing any sauce whatsoever. Then my meal came with some spaghetti-like stuff with ham in it and, that's right, more cheese. I think I'll take a break. Hey, at least I'm eating again!

One of my older kids really pissed me off on Friday. This type of student has ALWAYS annoyed the crap out of me. During my own schooling, I hated kids like this and I still do. They are the people who sit there and talk throughout the entire class. The teacher calls on them and they don't have a clue what's going on because they've been too busy running their yaps for 45 mins! Well, lucky me, I have one of these knuckleheads in my class. She is not a bad person. She may even have a slither of English intelligence in her otherwise vacant mind. But I don't see it yet! I'm just working on getting her to shut up. That's my new mission...

Here are some pictures of my burned dumplings and pancakes...

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Vakker Kvinne said...

You are so brave! I'm cutting all my relaxed hair off in a few weeks because I am sick of unsuccessfully batteling the weather here. You can't work a relaxer when it's raining in every direction!

Students can be serious a-holes. Ignore them-sad to say but true.