How to Entertain a 4-year old for 6 Hours...

I'm back in Ko-rea. Yup. And it's butt cold. And I did cry, briefly. What can I say? I can be overly sensitive. I'm balanced now though. On my flight to San Francisco, I was praying that I didn't end up near a crazy, crying child. As I approached my seat, I saw a man in the aisle and no one in the middle seat. SWEET!!! I can probably stretch out and relax...FINALLY. But God likes to have fun, too so before I can fix my mouth to say "Excuse me..", a curly little head of hair shouts, "Hi!!! I'm Sara!!!" Oh Jesus...noooooooo...

Sara is a 4-year old princess. Her mother is Puerto Rican, her father is White. And she was simply adorable. In fact, she looked exactly like Shirley Temple. Over the next 6 hours, I fell in love with Sara. I drew her pictures of fairies and princesses. We talked about our favorite Disney characters (we both LOVE Ariel!) and we both realized we can count to 10 in Spanish and French. She could also count in Chinese. Sara is a free-spirited bundle of chaos. I'm sure people around us were getting quite annoyed by her piercing shrieks of elated happiness that only a 4-year old could produce...but to me, it was like music. When I dozed off for an hour, I awoke to see Sara's big gap-toothed grin staring at me. "What are you doooooing??" she'd say in her sing-song tone. Her father was amazed at how good I was with her. "She never talks this much, I promise...she must be really comfortable with you." And she was...always leaning on me and grabbing my hand. At one point, she even started to play with my hair. Her father, annoyed himself now, said, "Sara, stop it! That's not nice!!" She really didn't care though and neither did I. She was a real pleasure to sit next to.

Towards the end of the flight, as we were starting to land, Sara really had to pee. And when a 4-year old has to go, there's not much you can do to stop it. She started squirming and throwing a fit. Poor Dad just kept telling her to hold it. I, however, thought of a different way to distract her. I told her that I really had to go, too. Suddenly she said, "You do, TOO???" I knew I'd hooked her. I convinced Sara that she was a super hero, the strongest one ever! And we were gonna be strong together and hold it! For the next 15 minutes, that's what we were - 2 super heros...that had to pee. Of course I really didn't have to, but she never knew the difference. In fact, she wanted us to go to the bathroom together! Once the plane landed, she and her Dad made a mad dash for the back of the plane. He thanked me profusely again and I headed out, happy to have averted a crisis. Makes me think I will be a good Mom someday....however, I might need a nanny (as Sara has one!!) because after those 6 hours of entertaining, I was pretty tired. But well worth it...I'll never forget her.

I also have pictures of my new little nephew, Harrison Kent, Jr aka Deuce!!! And he's so teeny. I didn't realize newborns were that small and I kept thinking I was gonna snap him in two. He basically just slept and ate the entire time. He only opened his eyes once or twice but I just sat there in awe of his little hands and feet. My poor friend ended up delivering him WITHOUT Epidural thanks to the nurse's error. I'm sure she felt like she was delivering a 20 lb turkey, but I was so happy to see him finally!! He's too cute for words! It's also strange to see one of my best friends, someone who used to party with me and hang out til wee hours getting into trouble, holding her baby. She's a momma now and there's only one thing that matters in the world to her. So, even though I'll miss my party buddy, I'm glad we have a new member of our crew. :)

I also hung out with Meeka and Michelle quite a bit. Meeka made some divine mojitos and my Mom cooked fish and a German chocolate cake! I should come home more often because that seems to be a good reason for people to cook! So here are pics of that. And I know my Mom is going to complain about me putting up this picture, but OH WELL. I like it....and it's my blog!! :P

I've still got jetlag. I woke up, wide awake, at 6am. I'm thinking the entire month of February is just a wash. I won't be caught up until March probably. But in my mind, March means Spring! Which means warm weather, which means the end of sadness!!! So I'm happy. I actually spent my first day back in Korea with my friend Margot. It was just what I needed, too. We ate at Friday's, had delicious drinks and then she came over and we watched Sex and the City for 2 hours! We laughed til our sides hurt. What an amazing release! Laughter is the soul's medicine I think. My attitude has changed. I'm not dreading being here. In fact, I'm glad that I have this opportunity. And I'm also glad to know what's waiting for me on the other side of the world... more love. Until then, J


Torrance Stephens bka All-Mi-T said...

sounds like u got it down. nice blog, i have only lived and traveled in Africa. and ill be back, do chk me out one day if u can

he has a Coretta.
y yawl hang up on me jones

Anonymous said...

Aww you're gonna be a good Momma or at least a great babysitter for my future rugrats ;-) Glad to see you're enjoying bits of Korea again. I was really worried. Crisis averted. Thank goodness because I surely can not afford a plane ticket over there right now. Hugs to you hun.