I <3 Jetlag.

Jetlag is the only reason that I am up at 5:22AM writing this nonsense. It's the only reason I've gotten maybe 10 hours of sleep in 5 days, too. I just fall asleep at random times, like an undiagnosed narcoleptic. I fell asleep after halftime of the Superbowl, I fell asleep mid-conversation with Michelle. I'd probably fall asleep standing up, too. It just hits me like a ton of bricks and it's really annoying. And just when I'll start to adjust to this schedule, I'm gonna be back on the plane to Korea. And I must have jinxed something because on my flight from Japan to DC, sure enough, I was sitting 2 seats down from the "Sleeping During Demonstrations" Man. He was all loud and obnoxious, snoring with his mouth wide open and hot breath blowing. So, as you can imagine, my flight was awful for that main reason. I also couldn't sleep, it was stuffy, and the food was yuck.

I had a really great weekend though! I saw all of my favorite people and tried to eat my favorite foods. Truthfully, my former stomach of steel is now a sorry sack of disappointment. I barely ate anything and what I DID eat couldn't stay down long enough for me to enjoy it. I just realized that the portion sizes back home are GIGANTIC! Looking at a huge plate of food triggers a fight or flight response in my intestines. Usually flight. To the bathroom. :)

I'm most happy that I got to see my best friends though. Being back in Cherry Hill with those 3 girls catapulted me to 1995 - a time when my biggest concern was whether I should go to the mall now or later. Even though I made mountains out of molehills, I've realized they were all molehills. Now, I'm an adult but for those moments with my girls, I was a kid again. We ate and laughed and reminisced for hours. We sat in my friend's bedroom listening to music and taking goofy pictures on her bed, just like when we were 13. We talked about our childhood crushes, some of which I vehemently deny to this day. I think that being on the brink of 25 makes you revert back to simpler times. My worries used to be, "Oh my God, does he like me?" Now my worries are, "Oh my God, I've got no healthcare..." The cost of my ticket home didn't matter though. These are the people who comforted me 15 years ago and they still do today. I was just thankful to be creating more memories.

I'm heading down to Hampton tomorrow. One of my closest friends just had her baby. It's very ironic because her due date was February 14th. Ever since I found out I'd be coming home the week before, I started praying to God that the baby would come while I was home. And sure enough, HE DID!! He was born on February 2nd and he's just adorable. Ask and ye shall receive right? In my next post, I'll be sure to have pictures. I know that's the only reason some of you actually "read" my blog :) Until then, J


Anonymous said...

"I'm going to be calling people. And by people I mean you." My phone hasn't so much as beeped yet heffa!

ksd said...

Joia! Still loving the blog. Glad you got home for a little reprieve and a taste of normal. Do you miss NY yet? Sadly I don't. I just miss the people and of course our beloved bookclub!
Thanks for adding my blog to your page. I like what you've named it much better too, I think I'm gonna change it :).
Big kiss!

deliberateliterate said...

Hey, I love the blog! Got info about it from Beauty in Baltimore's page. Anyway, I've added you to my blogroll-hope it's okay!