Sleep Eludes Me AGAIN....

Just more pics of my best friends!!! Because they're awesome and I love them...that's all

So here I am...AGAIN...wide awake at 7am!! Actually, I've been up since 6ish. I went to bed at 230am. Seems like I can't sleep without pills lately (don't worry, just Tylenol PM). The other night I popped up at 449am. Two nights before that I was up at 6am again. My mind was racing, which it often does when I feel inclined to sleep. But unlike the past where it was racing with worry, it's racing with plans. Yes, plans!! Big plans! In fact, I've kinda figured out my life for the next 3 or 4 years...incredible. I'm sure there will be some glitches but as of right now, things are lookin up! :)

Margot sent me a link to all these different events happening in Korea - overnight temple stays, paintballing, tours of North Korea (ok, not INSIDE North Korea because I'd probably get shot BUT they have tours to the Demilitarized Zone...a neutral area), hiking trips, etc. So, I'm gonna try to do some of these things a couple of times a month. If I were back home, I'd be planning random outings every couple of weeks but for some reason, that never really occurred to me here. I guess because when it's cold, my brain doesn't function that way. I'm usually trying to find someone's beach and do nothing, counting the days until Spring. But I know Spring will be here soon...I got a taste of it when I was home and it was SEVENTY-FIVE degrees! In FEBRUARY! Why can't Korea get some global warming action??

I've also been without a gym for the past week!!!! YIKES!!! While I was away, my gym changed owners and NOW it's gonna be some yoga/dance studio!!!! BOOOOOOOOOOO!!! I am really freakin' angry about that. I hate yoga...or at least I've hated the yoga my Mom has dragged me to in the past. What's relaxing about bending your body in ways it has no business bending??? Needless to say, I never really got it, couldn't get comfortable in it. I may take a dance class though because it would be a wonderful story for my blog. Meeka says I should include video but that is pushing it. Suffice it to say that me doing aerobics in general is very entertaining. But imagine me trying to follow along in Korean and well, you get the picture.....this story is developing. Details to follow...

Anyway, I found a great website to get FREE movies and TV Shows online. So I'm going to watch The Bucket List...again! I saw it with my Dad last week. Such a good movie. In fact, I know I'm only 24 and those guys in the movie were near death, but I can still make my own Bucket List. It'll just be much longer :) Well, I don't think sleep is gonna happen for me right now. OR EVER!!!! I feel bad for all my insomniac, Pygmychelle friends...*wink* Until then, J

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