Waiting in Japan...

I'm sitting at Narita Airport, waiting to connect to my flight to Dulles. Why is it so ungodly hot up in here?!?! Anyway, I can't see much of anything. Just airport and more airport. I won't really count this as having "visited Japan". I just want to get this long flight over with already. I've got my sleeping pills and my DVDs and my iPod. I'm also functioning on only 2 hours of sleep which means I'll probably be one of those people who is asleep before the plane takes off. Don't those people drive you crazy?!?! They already have their seats back and are practically snoring during the demonstrations. Anyway, can't wait to see my friends and fam!! Time for hugs and grub!!! What should I eat first? Probably a salad...believe it or not, that's kinda what I'm craving. So we'll see....Until next time, <3 J

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