Is "Crazy" Tattooed on My Forehead?


I'm so honored to bestow upon you more of my crazy. Think of it as my gift to you for your loyal readership...

I got an email today from a Nigerian man. I signed up for a website here in Korea...it's so aptly called iluvkorea.com. It's my attempt to make some new friends. I love my current friends, but you can never have too many. However, you can have too many crazy people contacting you so I think I may remove my information completely. I received said email from Mr. Nigerian Man today:


My name is TONY sound in education and also I felt so happy to drop this few words of mine letting you to know how I felt when I saw your contact Please permit me to ask you this question. Are you single? Advise me immediately on receipt of this mail, because I am so eager to have someone like you that is single whom I can call my baby till the end of time.

I look forward to reeciving your urgent reply Thanks and remain blessed
Bye for now.




I will give you $100 if you can identify and decipher what "sound in education" means*

Until then, J

* = I'm not giving you $100


Ms. Jackson said...

I think maybe he was trying to say that you sound educated. And as ironic as that sounds, I have to remember that I only can communicate effectively in one language. You, however, should feel free to chuckle.

ksd said...

HILARIOUS!!! I love your blog!

ksd said...
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Anonymous said...

Damn you! You know I was all excited when I saw the Nigerian man part. Lawd knows how I luuuuubs me a good Naija man. But errr ummmm. Not this one Booboo! Perhaps sound in education means that he is well educated. Sadly, his awkward syntax and complete disregard for punctuation makes me skeptical. And, IMO, there's no excuse because they do speak ENGLISH in Nigeria!!!! Last I checked it was the official language.

Sunshine said...

WTF???!!! This is so funny! "be my baby forever" LMAO! Damn J!

Joia said...

His comments are even more reckless knowing that ENGLISH is the main language in Nigeria...UNACCEPTABLE. He gets 2 thumbs down...and a dictionary.

ambearo said...

Hahaha... I totally got the same message from the same guy... And I thought I was special? lol