Lowered Expectations?

Well, I got a guy's phone number yesterday.

You may be thinking, "Um, big deal..." However, this is Korea so YES, it's a big deal. But this was not just any guy. No, no. It was my Chinese food delivery man. Now, I order Chinese food everyday for dinner but it used to be some old, crusty man. The past few times have been this new guy. The first time he delivered the food, I said "Thank You" in Korean and he responded, in crystal clear English, "You're welcome.." *blink*stare*blink* THREW ME OFF...

So, the next day, he did the same thing. With a smile.

Yesterday, I actually talked to him. I was thinking either he is fluent in English and is holding out or he only knows a few phrases that he practices over and over again.

So, I said, "What is your name?" He told me but of course I don't remember.

"Ohhh. You speak great English!"


"Where did you learn?"

Then he just looked at me funny, head cocked to the side. Bingo...Steve translated the question for me but somehow I never got my answer. Before he left though, he grabbed a pair of chopsticks and a pen and wrote his number down.

"This is my number..." he said, with ANOTHER smile. What in the hell...?

"Oh! Thanks! Bye..." *blink*stare*blink*

A scenario like this playing out back home signals clear, unquestionable interest in another person. The exchanging of numbers has the potential to be the beginning of something. However, um, in Korea...I can't help but think he may just want to practice his English with me. After all, I don't get "hit on" by Korean men. In fact, I truly think Hell would have to freeze over for this to occur. So, I need to do some more research so I'll be ordering Chinese food again. He's actually good looking, underneath the helmet and heavy coat. I think. I don't know. Let me just end this post now before I get any more *blink*stare*blink* looks from my readers....will keep you posted! Until then, J

And yes, you know I have a picture of those chopsticks...


Brandie said...

Awe, that's too cute. And he's good looking too?...awe shux now!

LadyWritesTheBlues said...

LOL@the picture! Keep us posted!!!