.....and Sour

I am 1 for 2! I went out with Jason today and I tell you one thing - that date couldn't have gotten a spark with jumper cables. I don't know if I've ever had a worse date in my life. *thinking* Hmmmm...nope. Sure haven't! He was a nice guy but there wasn't any chemistry. His English was mediocre but aside from that, there was no personality on his part and no interest on mine. In fact, I pretty much wanted the date to be over the moment I got there. Dinner felt like my last meal before succumbing to lethal injection - you're trying to enjoy it and savor it but you just know what the final course is going to be. Death looming over your meal will always diminish its flavor. Then we went to the movies to see "Street Kings". It wasn't a bad movie, but I always cringe when I see movies like this in Korea. I hate that these images keep getting spewed over here (and the world). Black and Latino gangbangers terrorize the city (those poor Korean shop owners!!) but magically, the ONE honest person in the entire precinct (who happens to be White) comes in and saves the day!!!! Such a tired, tired storyline...and it rubbed me the wrong way. Things were only made more awkward when Jason tried to hold my hand...*blink*stare*blink*

He wasn't a bad guy. I can't emphasize that enough. I just would've rather gone out with Kermit the Frog or some other inanimate object. Is that so wrong? You know what's interesting though? God sent me a little sign that this date was going to be a disaster. Five minutes before I arrived at Gangnam Station, the bus I was on got into a minor accident with a crazy cabbie. As they were turning a corner, the cabbie turned too sharp and the bus sideswiped him. As if I needed any more of a premonition for what was to come, right? After we parted, he called me about 5 minutes later. He asked, "Why do you want to go home? It's very early. Do you not like me or something?" *crickets* Aww, he just broke my heart. All I could muster was, "No...I mean...you're nice. I just...wanna go home." And delete your number....

Oh, I forgot to mention the biggest thing that freaked me out about him. We'd talked a couple of times before our date and he would say things like, "Yeah, I'm looking for a girlfriend. I'm headed back to LA in October and you'll be in...where? New York? New Jersey? You should move to LA! You can live with me..." Ummmmmmm. I could only stare into the phone and pretend like I was deaf. That kind of talk on our second phone call will DEFINITELY get you dismissed. So, I realized then that he was sorta clingy, an all-around unattractive characteristic. Oh well. *shoulder shrug* On a much happier note, FOUR DAYS til Meeka gets here!! WOO HOO!!!!!!!! :) Until then, J

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Anonymous said...

"All I could muster was, "No...I mean...you're nice. I just...wanna go home." And delete your number...."

Okay, I laughed. That's so mean, lol! :)