I really intended to sit around all weekend and vegetate, but my friends had other plans. I was thankful for another 3-day weekend honestly. On Friday, I just hung out with Bryan. Watched a Korean movie with English subtitles. It was one of those romantic comedies with my imaginary Korean boyfriend #1, Daniel Henney. Yum!! On Saturday, I went to my Korean class. This used to be exciting and interesting to me, but lately I've hated it. You know why?? Because my new teacher SUCKS! I think she's a perpetrator...she's not a real teacher! For one, she has no structure to her lessons. We kinda start in one area and inevitably wind up discussing ancient Korean medicine or nuances about Korean culture. That's all well and good but I wanna be able to speak. In Korean! Let's try making a Korean sentence or something relevant, lady! Secondly, she speaks to us as if we were native Korean speakers.


I can't even describe how angry I get when she starts speaking at hyperspeed. I want to crush her head. It also doesn't help that this woman has a terrible lisp. And sloppy handwriting. I'm thinking to myself, "I know your friends and family can read that chicken mess on the board but since I'm NOT fluent in Korean, can we try making the letters properly?!?!? DAMN!!" There are just so many negatives that I really don't see a reason to go back. I'm irritated by her. I'd rather be waxing my scalp or walking across hot coals than sitting there miserable in her class. I feel bad ditching her but seriously, I don't know why they hired her. Oh right, it's volunteer. Anyway, I sure hope that my kids aren't feeling that way when I teach. Jesus, that's awful.

After Korean class, I went to the gym. I actually made it through a workout because Justine and crew were not there to chat me up. They're cool people but they are RUINING my workouts. I assumed that reclaiming my Ipod would deflect them from conversation but ohhhhh no, they just keep on yapping. So I don't stop to chat anymore. I just keep on doing my reps and I think they get the hint. Later that evening, I went out to Itaewon with Aeja. I succumbed to my weakness and bought yet another fabulous bag. "My name is Joia and I'm addicted to purses." I don't even like yellow but this bag was calling my name...in every language.

On Sunday, I had lunch with my friend Jack. He actually teaches Korean so I may get him to help me out! But we went to Friday's and chatted and I ate way too much as usual. I love when I work out all extra hard and it's all dissolved in a matter of seconds when I binge on french fries. It's a great feeling. Really. After that, I met up with my friend Rio and another black teacher out here. We went to a Thai restaurant for dinner. But since I already pigged out, I just ordered dessert. Because that's SO much healthier. :) Oh well, I will never say no to sticky rice! Then we all went to a cute lounge and smoked a hookah. And drank MOJITOS!!! I have a love-love relationship with mojitos. I never hate them. I will always welcome them into my body...copious amounts if necessary. Winter, summer, spring, fall. January, November, April, July. Despite what some may say about this being a summer drink, I have to disagree. It really works anytime. Try it. If people didn't think I were nuts, I'd be drinking them for breakfast. Anyway, smoking a cherry-flavored hookah was pretty neat. I'll be back there I'm sure. Alright, I'm rambling again because I'm tired. Being tired means my brain starts to ooze from my nostrils...and then asinine sentences like that spring forth. See what I mean??? Goodnight..

Until then,

(me and Rio)

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Miki said...

Girl, it looks like you're having a FUN time! Mojitos...mmmm. I'm more of a caipirinha girl, tho!