I'm tired, yall.

Dang...I'm just...so, so beat. But what an incredible treat to have Meeka out here!! We did a lot of things that probably would've taken normal people about 2 weeks to do. I think it was most interesting to be stared at though. We got stared at twice as much. Suddenly when there are 2 of us walking around, people's brains just malfunction and can't understand what's happening. One little girl thought she was really slick, broadcasting to her mother and younger sister to "Look!!! Look!!" But the funny thing was she just stood there, pointing at us behind her back and turning around to gawk. Classic. Her mother ignored her though and didn't turn around to look at us, signaling that perhaps people are realizing how rude this behavior can be perceived.

I won't discuss everything we did because honestly, you might develop eye strain. And then you'll never come back. But I'll mention some of my favorite things.

1) Riding a tandem bike around the Han River

Aside from the fact that I'm abnormally uncoordinated, this experience was heightened by the fact that everyone was really friendly and or/laughing at this sad sight. It also only cost 6,000 won for an hour! Can't beat that...and the weather was perfect for it. I sensed many people playing hooky that day...and I can't blame them :)

2) Going to a norebang with GOOD friends...

My first experience with norebanging (singing rooms for those who don't know) was quite despicable. For one, I was the only foreigner when I went out with my co-workers. They sang in Korean...mostly lilting ballads. And Steve just screamed over some heavy metal lyrics. I was totally out of my element...and I hated it. So not surprisingly, when my new group of friends proposed this idea after dinner, I was more than reluctant to go. I really wanted to get out of it...but then I remembered that Tamieka was here and to come to Korea without going to a norebang and drinking soju would be criminal. So I sucked it up...and I'm so thankful I did. It was the most fun I've had in a long time. I realized that norebanging, like anything really, almost hinges entirely on the company you keep. :) So, thank you to my new pals for forcing alcohol down my throat and making me sing like a dying bird...

3) The Take-Out Cocktail Stand

I don't have a drinking problem. But if I did, you'd probably find me hanging around this place near Ewha University - the Take-Out Cocktail stand. I was so over the moon that this guy was serving high-quality, low-priced alcohol that I entered a mild state of euphoria. And the drinks were delicious. On a hot day, some people crave ice cream or water ice...or air conditioning. But I crave a mojito...or some other mixed beverage. Public drunkenness is illegal back home but if it weren't...man oh man, I can only imagine the foolishness that would ensue if you could get cocktails on the street. "Yeah, uh, lemme get a hot dog with the works and a gin and tonic. Thanks..." So, hats off to this guy...he'll be seeing me again. Very soon. Like tomorrow.

I went into work yesterday thoroughly worn out and not in the mood to teach. But then I saw my kiddies and got happy all over again. I kinda missed them, even the bad ones. I checked my email and BAM! there it was...my brother's flight information. OH SWEET LORD!! So in two weeks' time, I'll be doing this all over again...and I couldn't be happier :)

Until then,


Miki said...

Wow, it does seem like you've been having fun! :)

LadyWritesTheBlues said...

Looks like fun times!!!!

Cute pics!

One VERY important question though....

Can I have your purse (second picture)? C'mon! You know you're tired of it! LOL.

Seriously, glad you guys had fun!

ambearo said...

I had such an excellent norae time with you guys! I'm really glad you had fun too. We'll have to do it again soon. Norae is my favorite so I'm glad we turned your opinion around.