Daddy's Day...

**learning to ride...when he finally let go...**

It's Father's Day back home so I just wanted to do a little ode to my Old Man! :)

I've been extremely fortunate to have a father who was ALWAYS around. I know way too many kids who didn't have that luxury. I mean, my Dad came to every single childhood event - basketball games, soccer games, graduations (pre-school thru college), recitals, concerts, everything. You name it, he was there without hesitation, with that gap-toothed grin that I love. And as I grow older, I grow more appreciative of those memories. As nervous as I'd be at those basketball games or tennis matches with the big crowds, I was most nervous about my final review from one judge - Dad. I'd be thinking, "I missed that free throw" or "Crap, I wonder if he noticed I forgot to box out..." Yes, he noticed. Yes, he gave me an earful about it on the car ride home. Yes, he'd make me practice in the driveway. But no, he never put me down. No, he never made me quit. No, he never stopped coming to support me. And I'm so thankful for that. I'm so grateful that even to this day, I can count on my Dad. I can count on my Dad to support me and my choices regardless of his personal opinion on a matter.

Dad has given many lectures throughout my childhood and I know he wonders if any of it has sunken in.

"Look, Bubbs...sit down. Now, when that big girl tries to move you outta the way, you need to put your foot in front of her..get your hand in her face!!"

"Now Bubbs, you don't need to go out buying more stuff! It's all stuff! What do you need more stuff for?! You're just like your mother!!"

"Listen, kid, nothing's free...I know you're 6 but you have to earn your keep...get the vacuum"

When my Dad decides it's time for a life lesson lecture, it can be hours before he's finished. But thankfully, my brother got most of those talks. For me, it was mostly suggestions...

"You, uh, you sure you wanna wear that??"

"Who is this boy?? Maybe I should talk to him...and find a place to hide the body?"

"Do you feel like getting whupped in tennis today? How about tomorrow?"

"What's up with that? You got a C??"

Yes, indeed. Love with a nice, hearty helping of reality and comedy. So, thank you Dad...for always being there. And oh yeah, the unconditional love never hurts either. :)

I love you,


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