I Hate Goodbyes

Robert left yesterday. And true to form, I cried. Not full out heaving but a steady stream of quiet tears. I'm such a sap and it doesn't really matter how long I've known you. If you've been a bright spot in my life, oh yes, I will cry when you leave. But I think the fact that we were really good companions upped the crying quotient. I also have no earthly idea when I'll EVER, if I'll ever, see him again and that makes it worse. And it also didn't help that my cycle started and I'm nursing a slight head cold. So needless to say, but I'll still say it anyway, I'll miss him a whole lot. He said he'd "really, really" miss me too.

But I'm also really happy for him. Not many Koreans, or I should say not enough Koreans, leave their homeland. So I'm glad he's making a trip and expanding his horizons. I asked him one night, after a particularly brutal day out on the town when people's staring became unbearable for me, why he was so different from others. Why didn't he stare at foreigners or think it strange to be out with me, holding hands no less??? Especially the hand-holding, which would seem perfectly natural back home, was totally unnerving for me. His answer, which was so sensical that I almost felt like an idiot for even posing the question, was "I am just interested in other people, other cultures. It doesn't really matter." Uh huh. Idiot. But he said that growing up, there were a lot of Chinese people at his father's company and he befriended them all. So I guess he never really considered not having friends from other places, but I'm his first Western friend. So, I think I have a special place in his heart like he has in mine. :)

But Meeka says I still have four months of great guys to meet and I guess she is right. I won't be sad for long. Last weekend, I had a lunch date with a guy from my gym. His name is Scott, 27 and he's a personal trainer in Seoul. He eyed me for a full week before saying anything. He's super cute. And well, his body is fantastic!! No, it's more than fantastic - it looks like a sculpture. I don't really see Western guys with bodies like this so it looks even more shocking in Skinnyville, Korea. He's nice enough but there is one major problem - Scott speaks very little English. And I'm not exaggerating at all. I think his English vocabulary includes about 20 words. So imagine the awkwardness on this date...

ME: "So, um, are you hungry?" **patting my stomach**

HIM: "Oh! Yes, yes. Eat?"

ME: **hands palm side up, shoulder shrug** "What...do...you...want...to...eat???"

HIM: **total confusion, head cocked to the side**

ME: "Hmmmmm....um..." **scrambling furiously through my Korean dictionary** "Mwot...mok-au-hey-yo??"

Our date consisted mostly of him smiling at me and saying my name real loud whenever he wanted to get my attention, even if I was sitting across the table from him. At one point, he even called a friend of his to ask questions and translate them into English. So I grabbed the phone to talk to his friend, who I assumed had a much stronger grip on English, and he was even worse! All I heard were computer keys moving at a ferocious pace, looking up English colloquialisms I imagined. His friend sounded incredibly flustered so I didn't even bother. I just kept staring into my lap. After not hearing from Scott all week, I assumed he was thinking the same thing as me: that trying to go out on another date would be fruitless and frustrating. But oh no, he drunk-dialed me last night, just as I was settling into my sleep pattern. Here's how that conversation went:

ME: *groggy* Hello?

HIM: JOIA!!!! Hello!!

ME: *holding phone away* Oh...Hi Scott. How are you??

HIM: JOIA!!! What you doing?"

ME: Umm, sleeping...

HIM: Oh...JOIA!!!

ME: Yes?

HIM: JOIA!!! I...*laughs* I have drink...

ME: *sleepily* Uh huh...soju...

HIM: *laughs, bottles slamming in the background* Yes, soju...JOIA!!!

ME: Yes?

HIM: I miss you...

ME: **screaming into my pillow**

HIM: JOIA!!!! I want...**laughs** see you again.

ME: Uh huh...ok. Ummm...Sunday maybe??

HIM: Yes, ok. What time??

ME: Um, I don't know. I have...church at 2...so maybe...7??

HIM: 2 o'clock on Sunday?? OK, see you Sunday!!

ME: *mumbling under my breath* Oh Jesus...


ME: Yes?!

HIM: I miss you...

And 2 minutes later, I got a text message that said "Joia, I miss you very thank..."

If I were smart, and I think I am, I would take this opportunity to really improve my Korean with Scott. I think I could. I don't really have a choice. I'll have to call him on Saturday to straighten this mess out. That will be another 20 minute ordeal.

It's the weekend which means more craziness! Last weekend, I was dancing on a table with Margot. This weekend, I expect more of the same! :) Planning to go out clubbing in Hongdae, maybe have lunch with Bryan, play Guesstures with Scott, and go to my Korean class which I desperately need now. I'm also trying to decide where to spend my big quarter-century birthday. Me and my girls need to be on a beach, drinking fruity things and partying. I've got my sights set on Boracay in the Philippines so keep your fingers crossed!! :)

Until then,



ccch said...

Robert's HOT!. Where's he going?. (you know, just so I could be suddenly there, showing him around.......j/k). Aaaah, I truly believe in destiny, if it's to be, it will be.......

Joia said...

Hahaha!! He's quite the cutie... He'll be wandering around Sydney somewhere...so if you spot him, tell him I said hello!! Lol

t-HYPE said...

Why did I just bust out laughing at work?!? Love the play by play of the "drunk dial"! Caught me completely off guard...

You sound like you're having a wonderful time. Will you still be in Seoul in August when I get there?

LadyWritesTheBlues said...

Too funny! This is one of my favorite posts!

Ummm...is that my purse that I've been trying to steal in that pic to your left?

*signed jealous of the fab bags