I Love the Smell....

...of hate in the morning! I received a nice, ANONYMOUS message this morning from a hater. This person felt it was necessary to take a few precious moments out of their day to express their feelings. While I respect your stupid...ass...opinion, you can certainly keep it to yourself! S/he said:

"you ain't gettin no korean boyfriend girl... you're black!

sounds racist but it's reality"

That's the interesting thing about race, my friend. It's ever-present. Sorta like ignorance and racism. So, thanks for the newsflash that I'm "black". My God, I don't know what I was thinking before you came along!! This has been a fact since I popped out. And I'm pretty sure that anyone who chooses to associate with me will notice this as well, including Korean guys.

So all I ask of my anonymous hater is to please refer to the previous post and his reverberating message. And tell him that he can't do something because he's Black. And maybe, have the courage to stand behind your racist convictions instead of hiding behind your computer screen.

Until then,

Black J


ZM said...

Just ignore the haters. You are beautiful, intelligent, and a very engaging writer, and some nice Korean guy out there will appreciate you! The anonymous hater has obviously not spent time around openminded Asian men who DO date Black women. Congratulations to you for being interested and involved in the world and doing more than posting pointless, nasty comments. Keep on traveling, meeting people, teaching, and appreciating others.

m said...

hey, from one Travelling-Lady-of-Color to another: don't sweat it. there will always be someone refusing to accept that their view of "reality" isn't neccessarily REALLY how things are. Hard to believe for some that everyone doesn't think the way they do, or the stereotypes they have about others aren't true.

I actually wanted to comment on your date photos - you guys look pretty cute together, sorry to hear he's off to australia...

Anonymous said...

A lot of times people use the anonymity of the internet to lash out at others with all the negativity that keeps them down on a day-to-day basis. Don't pay the haters any mind.

As a Black-American, I've noticed that a lot of negative perceptions of Blacks come from our very own community. It seems that we must cling to some fatalistic idea that because we are black, the whole world will react to us negatively. Therefore, we shouldn't even bother doing anything new or different. Of course, that's all b.s.

This post is way too long, but I just wanted to say that I appreciate your blog very much and it has totally made me want to branch out and have my own experiences gaining self and cultural awareness in an Asian country. You rock.

ccch said...

I hesitate to read any more blogs because of this negativity that so many (especially black folks) try to present as "facing reality". We are so responsible for constantly generalizing our race.
Don't know what race/sex that (sub) human was who wrote you that note, but ignore and continue on your merry way.

I'm enjoying your blog.

Sunshine said...

Shake the Haters off!!!
Damn isn't it 2008?

Sunshine said...

Shake the haters off & do YOU!

Miss Em said...

Oh my. I didn't think such racism existed in 2008. What a disgrace.

Joia said...

I know yall!!! Truly, my face hit the floor on that one...just so blatant! But no one is gonna stop me from being who I am...thanks for your support guys!! :)

Anonymous said...

This person has been definitely drinking too much Haterade for sure. I don't know about Korea, but I lived in Japan from 04-05 and then again for most of last summer . I had some haters tell me the "reality" of things too. Most of them were bitter to start out with. If I recieved 100 yen for every hater I met in Japan, I would have some nice pocket change.

I enjoy reading your blog. I'm a person of color too who is coming to Korea to teach at a public school in Anyang. Keep on blogging!

Tori C said...

My name is Tori and I live in Montgomery, Al and I often visit your blog. I am fascinated by those of us living abroad. I love checking in and seeing whats new with you. I am glad you put the ANON blogger in his/her place! When you have a public blog its easy for people to have an eye into your world and thoughts but its cold when they leave a message in an ANON way! Guess he/she wasn't man enough to own up to what they were saying. Brush the dust off sister...like I heard someone put it on their blog..."Haters are gonna Hate.....Thats just what the do!!!

Ms. Jackson said...

Did your hater respond to your post?

Anonymous said...

I agree with what Monica said about anonymous people lashing out at others because of the negativity that they themselves feel on a daily basis. Maybe this hater envies you and wishes he or she had the guts to do what you're doing, but chooses to knock you down instead.

I myself had to deal with deeply ingrained fatalism throughout most of my life. "Oh, I'm black! What's the point of even trying to do ABC and XYZ?" It wasn't until I got out there and tried new and different things when I began to feel differently. My life has been enriched in so many ways, simply because I got out there and tried. Yes, there are some people out there who react negatively because we're black, but if we don't get out there and try anyway, then we'll never have the opportunity to meet open-minded people.

Joia, you are an inspiration! Keep the blog entries coming!

LadyWritesTheBlues said...

Misery loves company!!!

Anonymous commenters are THE worst cowards!

wildberry said...

I just stumbled across your blog. Thanks for a good laugh (the bathroom)!! It great to see another sister travelling the world and enjoying life.

jocelyn_t_florence said...

Screw them-
Tiger Woods has plenty of money and Kimora Lee Simmons - is about to take a bunch of someone else's.
I bet you they are fans of both!
Although - everyone knows Filipino and Black babies - GORGEOUS

Cammilie said...

I don't know about you but I can't stand when black people or any person talk like that. Please talk like an adult NOT a 3 year >:^(
Besides that is the talk of someone who fears that a respectful intelligent and beautiful black woman can't be/receive love or interest from another man , who is not black, which is so degrading.
So go right ahead and continue to do what you are doing. (^_^)