Return of the ABW...

So, I went ahead and flipped out on my Directors today. Actually, I flipped out on the messenger, the secretary, since my Directors can't say boo to me in English. Anyway, I just slaved over evaluations and grades for 3 days. I was fair and honest with my assessment of my students. So, imagine my level of pissivity when Steve says to me, "Hey, um, Joia, can you try not to put F's on their evaluations? It just looks bad..." I think I've ranted about this before, but I held it in that time. This time, I lost it. I replied," You what know?? I don't give a sh*t! I'll tell you what looks bad - when the same students keep showing up without homework and getting zeros on tests!!!!! THAT looks bad!! MAYBE...JUST MAAAAAYBE you should tell their parents to make them do their homework if they're so worried about it!!!!" I didn't curse when the kids were around but ohhh, I was really angry. Steve backed off. And I knew it wasn't his fault. The Directors told him to tell me.

So, not even 10 mins later, after I'm starting to wind down from my outburst, here comes the secretary. And I know it's wrong, but she really irritates the HELL out of me because it takes her 15 minutes to spit out one sentence. I know she's trying, but seriously...maybe you should write it down first. And she has godawful breath which only grates on my nerves more. So, she's pointing at the evaluation and stammering and I catch a serious attitude. I'm just continuing to do my work and she says,

"Oh...are you busy now?"

"Nope...what's up?" I snap.

"Oh, well...you....this evaluation...put F...and....duh....the Director say..."

"You know what???? He deserved an F!!!! I gave him the grade he earned!! He NEVER does his homework and he's failed every test!! I should've given him an H! If you wanna change it, fine! I can't deal with this right now...I'm irritated and annoyed. I can't...I'm not angry at you. I'm not."

Yeah, I rambled on for about 5 more minutes while she stood there in absolute shock. This is nothing but a glaring cultural difference. I would never give a 6-year old an F. I can understand how that would totally demoralize a child. But these kids are 12 and 13 and they KNOW they're lazy. And I bet their parents know they're lazy. But I'm not gonna be sucking up to anybody. It's a very simple formula for getting good grades and the fact that these people feel it's unnecessary to adhere to those rules baffles me. They can shove it all the way up their hooha's for all I care. Granted, overall I'm pretty happy with my school but they caught me on the wrong day with this nonsense. I'm over it!

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Reasonably Happy Gal said...

I had something similar happen. Grades were received by students/parents last Tuesday. All of the sudden, there are kids calling the guidance counselor and principal begging for a D.

"I'll do anything pass this class," they say. Um, well, that is not true. If you were willing to do *anything*, you would have done your homework and been prepared for tests.

Most parents think they can call up and demand a passing grade.

Kuri said...

Indeed you should be

ambearo said...

Good for you, seriously. I'm having issues with a certain student- we're almost finished the course (and you bet your ass he wants to graduate to the next level) and he has a totally empty book. Wtf? So I told him he needs to finish the entire book and show it to me. My coteacher was like, he has to finish the whole thing? I'm like, lady, all the other kids did the work when they were supposed to and have the whole thing finished, so, uh, YEAH, I'm serious he needs to complete THE WHOLE THING. Gah!?! So much rage this week.

Andy M said...

Your secretary didn't finish her sentence. She should have said:

An F just looks bad... for business