Sign of the Times

THIS....FEELS....AMAZING!!! This moment...this instance...I think Black folks all over the world let out a collective sigh and a fist pump today. I know I did. I woke up this morning thinking, "Barack on the ballot." I brushed my teeth and washed my face and thought, "Barack on the ballot." I skipped, yup skipped, to school thinking, "Barack is ON THAT BALLOT!!!"

There's not much I can say about Barack Obama that hasn't already been said. He is a force. Just the fact that his name will be on the ballot come November speaks to the true state of our union. Words can't really describe how it feels, as a person of color, to have my face mirrored back to me in such a monumental way...at the highest possible position in this great country. And I feel very similar about Hilary Clinton because let's face it, if any woman was gonna run for President and have a real shot, it was her. She fought like a pitbull every step of the way so she deserves that credit. She did not back down, even when everyone was screaming at her to quit and for that, I admire her. They both made ridiculous blunders, but at the end of this marathon race, they are on the same team.

I truly hope and pray that come January 2009, Barack Obama will be standing in that Oval Office, ready and poised to address the nation with his new message..."Yes, We Did!!"

Until then,



LadyWritesTheBlues said...


It just makes me feel....PROUD!

*sticking my chest out*

{kay} said...

agree with the above poster and you 100% i did a similar post (though I try not to blog politics). did you see the pic of him and michelle giving each other daps before he made his speech! awesome.

BlackGirl said...

Well said.