ABC's - Korean Style

I know you all probably don't believe I actually teach kids out here. Seems like I'm always having fun, but ohhhh, I work HARD for that money! Yes, I do. And I T-H-O-R-O-U-G-H-L-Y enjoy my weekends. So, I just wanted to show my kindy kids learning their Korean ABC's. They're super cute. But why am I sitting there mouthing the sounds too? I tell you, it's probably the best way to improve my Korean! Speaking to Scott doesn't work so hey, maybe I'll do better talking to 5-year olds!

Then these are some of my beginner kids just goofing off in the teachers' lounge. They're between 9-11 I think and definitely some of my favorites. I've been working on these different phrases and it feels good that they can actually respond now. At the beginning of each class, we practice real conversation for 10 mins. They ask each other a series of questions like, "Hi, how are you? What's your name? How old are you? Where do you live? What's this?" Every week, I add in a new question so they can review the old stuff and practice the new stuff. Appropriate responses get a smile from me and wrong ones get a frown. You wouldn't believe how much work it takes to get them to say "It's a pen" vs. "It's pen" and "They're books" vs. "It's books". You don't realize until you begin teaching English just how difficult this language is. It's not always logical and there are rules out the ass. And not to mention stupid idioms. I'm pretty thankful that I was born into this language and don't have to learn it as my second one. I've taught such a wide range of English since I've been here - grammar, conversation, listening, math and even science!! It's like re-learning all this stuff but then having to simplify it so that English learners can understand. My job is not necessarily hard, but it has definitely improved my creativity and ability to think on my feet. Last week, I totally blanked on a kindergarten game. Could not think of a game to do while thirty 6-year olds are screaming my name and the Korean teacher is staring at me like, "Well, what the hell do you wanna do??" I started to panic and sweat and then suddenly I thought of an awesome game that worked like a charm for that class and all my other ones. So is the life of an ESL teacher...

I have lots of fun with them. In Korea, even the bad kids are still pretty good...another post is coming about my weekend, don't worry! :)

Until then,



Anonymous said...

Cute kids! I laughed my head off when that boy called you, "Ajumma!" Kids say the darndest things, don't they?

Anonymous said...

Lol your kids are so cute and Claire's English sounds adorable. That was pretty funny when that one kid called you an ajumma haha.