Makin' Mud Pies

Soooo much weekend craziness to recap. I'm back from The Boryeong Mud Festival! It's an annual event down at Daecheon Beach attended by foreigners and Koreans alike. The gals and I went through Adventure Korea so we stayed over Saturday night. The whole festival was basically like Spring Break with mud. Staying up late, drinking on the beach, and engaging in general foolishness. We met lots of interesting characters though. A truly unforgettable experience.

Alright, so Friday night, Kayla and I stayed over Margot's place. We had dinner and drinks at nice pub-style restaurant. Apparently I arrived just in time to see this crazy lady fall down in her seat while her equally-drunk husband just watched! Oh joy! Just wish I'd gotten video of it because it was truly hilarious. I thought maybe she was dead but no no...just WASTED!

So on Saturday, we woke up entirely too early and headed to Hongik Station in the pouring down rain. The raindrops actually came through my cheap ass umbrella! It only took a couple of hours to get to the mud beach and by then, the sun was out and burning a hole in my retinas. There were a lot of events going on like Army-style boot camps and a 5K race, all in the mud. But we didn't partake in those. I know, I know...what's the point of going to a mud festival if you're not gonna get dirty?! But I didn't think a few scampers in the mud for 10 mins would justify hours of trying to get that nonsense outta my braids later. So there you have it. But it was still a ton of fun!!!

Then we went to the regular beach about 30 mins away, Daecheon Beach. This felt very Spring-breakish with lots of drunkenness going on early. Here, they had a lot of events with imported mud from the original beach. They had mud wrestling (naturally), a mud prison, mudslides, and mud body painting. It was just madness. My cute canvas bag was quickly covered in pink, green, and blue mud. But we walked around and took pics of everything. Super cool.

**Bikini Man**

**cute dreaded guy and his "dirty" girlfriend**

**my name in Korean**

Later in the evening, we went to dinner at a great galbi restaurant. We drank lots of soju so I was already tipsy. We walked for awhile in the cool, night air then looked for more alcohol! And we found it at a cute bar/lounge called Orange. After TWO extra-strong Tequila Sunrises, Margot and I were preeeeeeeetttttyyyyy drunk.

**Susannah and Christina, our roommates for the weekend**

True to form, the rest of my evening was pretty much a blur of fireworks, idiocy, drunken groping, and trash talking. :) It felt like Spring Break Miami during senior trip but with all new people!

**This is a game where you try to knock the nail all the way down in 3 hits. Margot was OBVIOUSLY too drunk to do this so she got it in 30 tries...GOOD JOB!**

**Korean Fabio**

**Trying not to light myself and others on fire**

**Public drunkenness is not a crime in Korea and thank God for that!! Damn that mango soju...**

I was stumbling down the boardwalk around 230am, heading back to the beach, when I saw a guy who I suspected was Hispanic. So I did a U-turn and went back to him. I screamed (because that's the only way drunks can communicate) in Spanish, "Where are you from?!" And that started a whole conversation. His name is Jose and he's Mexican, visiting Seoul til October then returns home to Cali. My ex-boyfriend was Mexican and named Jose and they kinda favor each other, height-wise, looks-wise, everything! Amazingly, my foreign language skills only improve with alcohol...native ones? Not so much...hahahahaha! Oh, irony...

**One word - SAUCED!!!**

**Don't we look sober?!**

That's all for now. No resolution on the whole "Sambo" thing. I didn't have that kindergarten class this week and I'll be on vacation next week. But oh, I will NOT forget. I'm gonna ask Mary, trust and believe.

Upcoming posts include:

- Philippines/25th Bday celebration
- A new guy...WAHOO!
- News/pics from Robert!!

Until then,



AmericanInSouthKorea said...

hello. How is Seoul treating you? I will be in seoul for study abroad at Korea University in about 4 weeks (aug 21). How is the weather? Is it humid? I am trying to get some ideas on what to pack. And do korean guys like black chicks? lol Whats the name of the shop that you got your hair done at? Sorry for so many questions

Joia said...

Hey AISK! No problem about the questions! :) The weather is pretty damn humid right now. It's the rainy season but I think in August it will just be hot and maybe drier. I'm not sure since I've never been here for that before. But I wear a lot of layerable clothes, tank tops, dresses, etc. In September, I think it's still pretty warm here. YES, SOME KOREAN GUYS LIKE BLACK CHICKS!! lol...i cant speak for them all but clearly the ones I've dealt with see no problem with me being black. In fact, it probably is more of an attraction than a deterrent. All really nice guys too. I got my hair braided at Ebony Hair Shop in Itaewon (about $170 US and an extra $30 for curling) and relaxed at Family Hair Shop ($50 for relaxer, deep conditioner, and trim), which is about a 5-minute walk from Ebony. If you have more questions, you can email me at joia730@gmail.com!! Hope this helps...take care! :)

ccch said...

Hair, schmair!. Come on get your hair muddy!. It sure looks like fun!. Thanks for sharing.

PS: Whoot, for black girls who're exploring ALL their options educationally, romatically!. Exploring the world and all it has to offer. Carving out a niche. Hopefully making the world a better place. Y'all make me sooo proud.

Anonymous said...

Very interesting shots! It seems that you were having a blast!

Nice Blog!