Summer Blazing...

My energy is totally depleted. The humidity just kicked it up a notch. That meant I was slumped over at my desk most of the day, vapid and foaming at the mouth. I have no idea what's going on. But I know what really pisses me off when I'm already running low on fuel - BAD BREATH. You ever just get irritated knowing you have to converse with someone who has halitosis? That's how I feel every time the secretary says my name. Little electrons and neurons start firing off in my brain, giving me flashbacks of how her breath burned out all my nostril hairs last time. Well, tonight it was especially horrideous. And she kinda has a lisp which is like the atomic bomb of halitosis right? I used to have a wicked lisp so I can sympathize, but I also find some people's speaking patterns interesting. My brother noticed it when he was here and I never really did before. But some Koreans (or perhaps it's just an Asian thing in general) like to add random "th's" on the end of words. Like, my name should never have a "TH" at the end. But she likes to tack it on there which means every time she does, I get sprayed by the gingivitis and periodontal disease running rampant in her mouth. Do you ever talk to someone with bad breath in real short answers, in hopes that maybe they, too, will answer briefly? She got all yes/no answers outta me tonight. Anyway, I wasn't going anywhere in particular with that story...just wanted you to feel my pain. :)

I had another cool weekend. My new amiga had an 80s-themed birthday party. And no, I wasn't decked out in my throwback garb. I didn't have anything, but I wish I could've resurrected a few items for the occasion. I never knew Parrot Bay and Coke was so good, but I think it's my new drink of choice. After mojitos of course. Here are some pics! WOO!!!

**long sigh** Welp, I had a looooooooong talk with David last weekend. I had to get to the bottom of all this. In the past week, he emailed me about 5 times, texted me nearly 15 times each day with randomness ("how was it today? a day flies fast, isnt it? will our life fly like that?") and then called me at night. I'm exhausted from this non-relationship. I think he's a nice guy (who I am totally NOT attracted to) but there are some things that concern me. For example, I told him some of my favorite singers - Lauryn Hill, Lizz Wright, and Janet Jackson. Well, he went and downloaded some of their music and emailed it to ME. Why in the hell are you emailing me songs that I already have?! He also asked a question about where I grew up so I told him. Thirty minutes later, I got a text saying how he looked it up on Google Earth...nice town, he said! WHAT?! Who is doing that?? Ok, ok, I admit I use Google Earth for randomness sometimes but who is actually admitting to it?! That's the real question.

So, on Sunday, we met up near the Han River and did the cruise thing. It was nice weather and offered great views of Seoul. Moments were interrupted when someone's bastard child shoved his hand up my ass. You know, that's just never okay and I nearly got "extra black" on that boat. But I started to enjoy myself towards the end of it when he was asking me questions about what I see myself doing in the future. I can talk to a corpse til it dies a second death about that topic. So, afterwards, he took me to a really cute Spanish restaurant. And I mean real Spanish food - sangria, paella, and chorizo! But I hadn't eaten much that day so the sangria hit me hard. And amazingly, he did not become more attractive with more alcohol.

**don't I look uncomfortable??**


Then after that, we went to a Moroccan style cafe which I think will be the place for my birthday dinner. I loved the hot, barefoot, and possibly gay waiters. But more importantly, there are little water canals running through the place! It's how the tables are separated. So you can be out in the open lounging on the floor or inside one of the enclosed seating areas. Dope doesn't even BEGIN to describe it. If there were even an ounce of attraction here, this would've gone down as the most well-executed date I'd ever been on. I mean, this man had hand-drawn maps showing all the different options of places we could go. I was impressed. So, here's a synopsis of the talk...

ME: Sooooo, this is nice and all...but what do you want from me?

HIM: Nothing. I'm just really interested in you. If you wanna be friends, I'll be that. If you wanna be more, I'll be that too.

ME: Uh huh. Well, I just want to be friends. That's all.

HIM: Ok...

ME: Really?

HIM: Yeah, really. I'd be okay only being your friend. I just like you.

ME: Uh huh...*skepticism abounds*

Of course, this conversation lasted about 30 minutes, but that's basically what happened. Now things are out in the open and there are no expectations, which is a huge relief to me. And if he gets all weird, he'll be gone faster than you can say kimchi.

I'd just like to thank everyone for their prayers, crossed fingers, and crossed toes...CUZ I'M GOIN TO BORACAY, BITCHES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :) 25 never looked so good....

Until then,



ccch said...

Why skeptical?. Please don't be so cynical at this early stage of your life (and that doesn't mean you shouldn't be cautious). He sounds very very sweet and too often women overlook that as we're wanting Mr Alpha (who's generally a butthole).

Those pics of the beach look a lot like the island I was born on......

Christina said...

WAHOO! I don't even know what Boracay is but it looks hella nice!...And whats up with stalker dude? Can we say C-R-A-Z-Y!!!

Nea said...

I was looking for some evidence that Blacks live, love and pursue happiness(preferably holiness) in Asia and I found you. Thank you for your blog. It's a lot of fun to read. I originally wanted to go to Korea but I'm leaning more to Japan. Alas, I enjoy your adventures and I'm glad that you have had this experience, proving more and more things to yourself. Conintue to grow and most importantly, trust in the Lord.
Have a wonderful and eventful few months.