And New Baby Makes THREE!

Alright, before people go freaking out thinking I'm knocked up out here, I'M NOT. But I was so affected by the kids in the Philippines that I decided to sponsor a child there. I've already been sponsoring a little girl named Patricia in the Dominican Republic for 2 years. And now, I'm a proud Mama-sponsor of Jay! He's a really cute kid who loves basketball and dancing. For $22/month, Jay gets food, clothes, books, medicine, etc. And you can send money throughout the year for holidays, birthdays, or just because. I know there are so many ways to help and it's such a small thing, but I felt moved by it so I went with it. I really LOVE kids, all kids, all races and sizes. I actually think I've developed a hypersensitivity to children since being in Korea. I have no doubt that I will continue working with the disadvantaged youth all over the world. Maybe this is the cause I was so desperately searching for 10 months ago because nothing really makes me come alive like helping kids and seeing them grow.

So, if you would also like to sponsor a child, click the title to go to Children International.

You can even sponsor children in the USA, but there are laws to protect their information so just call or email instead.

Until then,



Anonymous said...

Sponsoring children is a beautiful thing! It's great to see more sistahs helping youngsters in need. I began back in the year 2000 and decided that for my birthday, I wanted to sponsor a child instead of receiving birthday gifts or spending money on myself. I haven't regretted my decision since. Now I'm sponsoring a whole family in Latin America! I get letters and pictures in the mail, and they're priceless!

Ms. Jackson said...

So while you are sponsoring all of these children, who is going to sponsor you? Ha ha I kid, I joke. Thats really awesome. I think what you are doing is great.

I also love kids so I decided to do Big Brother Big Sisters. I have my home visit with a BBBS rep tomorrow.