Goodbye, Margot!

So, we sent Margot packing last weekend. Her year in Korea was filled with lots of school drama, but she made it through! I think pretty much everything that could've gone wrong with her situation did go wrong - like her first school closing and having to find another job, crazy ass roommates, and a shady new school. Her perception of teaching in Korea is much different than mine, but it was one helluva experience and I was glad to be along for the ride!

The rowdiness started during dinner at Hard Rock Cafe. When a group of 15 people get together, you just know how the night's gonna go and it didn't disappoint. We all drank a whole lot and I attempted to eat a Cobb salad but I just couldn't finish it. I was so disappointed because I've wanted a salad for a long time. But oh well. And it cost 15,000 won...moving on...

After dinner, we all piled onto the subway and headed to Hongdae. Margot's only real request was to do norebang so we decided to get drunk first! We ended up at the Ho Bar...yes, indeed. There are many degrees of Ho-ness like Luxury Ho Bars and Ho Bar 1-4. Terribly funny name but a great atmosphere! You should never be allowed to buy entire bottles of tequila though...just seems wrong. But we did and we started a nice, little ice war. So, if you ever go to Ho Bar in Korea, just know that it's okay to throw ice around and make a big scene because they won't kick you out! This is that one time where we were those obnoxious foreigners. Guess everyone's gotta do it once, right? We weren't rude though, just loud.

We showed up at the Premium Luxury norebang quite twisted. And this place was sooooooooo nice! I'd passed by it many times before and you can't help but notice it because there are huge, glass rooms facing the outside so if you get one of those rooms, everyone can see you. But those rooms also come with crazy costumes to dress up in! I've seen a giraffe, a panda bear, some rockers, just random shit. It's so weird but seems incredibly entertaining when you're three sheets to the wind. Unfortunately, we didn't end up in one of those BUT we still had an amazing time singing the night away. We snuck in some soju, which they found out about, but we still kept it anyway...hahaha. Oh, we are rebels.

After singing way out of tune, we went to a club of course! Had some more shots and danced like no one was watching! Around 5am, we went to yet another club but it was pretty terrible. I think including us, there were about 10 people in there. Everyone went their separate ways by 630am. I went to Burger King to try to absorb all that tequila with a ginormous burger and fries, but amazingly, that did absolutely NOTHING for my state. But sleeping all the way back home on the bus did... :)

One last thing we did before Margot left was go to a jimjilbang, a 24-hour Korean sauna thingy. But oh it's so much more! It's a very family-oriented kind of experience. You see little kids running around with grandmas. There's a men's side and women's side and most Koreans just hang out there and relax after a long day. You can watch tv, buy facial packs, sit in the 200 degree sauna, or a cool-down pool. It's really quite amazing and all for the low price of 6,000 won! So one night, four of us went out there after drinking yet again. At 2am, there's really nothing better than sitting in a hot tub. I was quite impressed. We'll go ahead and add that to the list of "Things I Wish I'd Done Sooner". :) I'll miss you, Margot....see you back in the US of A!!!

Until then,



Philo said...

you guys look like you're living a rich life!!! I am happy for you! Are you a study abroad student? What school are you in? I always wanted to visit a lot of countries in Asian, so i am very interested in that. I have one last question, it might sound weird but here goes: are people there usually accepting of black people especially in the sauna? See i want to go to this korean sauna in new york called inspa world (http://www.nyspacastle.com/eng/
main/main.php)with my girl for my birthday which is pretty soon! I would really like to go but i don't want to get any weird looks in an unfamiliar place. Can you please give me any advise on this? thank you and i wish you the best :) you seem like a really wonderful person!!!

Joia said...

Hi Philo,

Thanks for writing!! :) I'm not a study abroad student, just teaching English out here. You could look into that because it's a pretty hot market. If you have a college degree and English is your native language, that's all you need to get started!

About the sauna experience - I was really afraid to go because of that reason. I thought folks would be gawking at me, but truthfully, no one paid attention to us. And it was quite liberating. I wasn't able to look at that website, but I also think you'll be okay. Everyone has a different experience I suppose but Koreans are one group of people who are extremely comfortable in their nakedness. I don't think they'll be paying attention you guys so go enjoy yourselves! And happy early birthday! :)

You can also email me if you'd like - joia730@gmail.com. Take care and good luck!!