Lost in the Sauce

My mind has been on a swivel lately. I just have too much swimming around on my plate so I will be taking a short break from my blog. Not too long, just a week probably. But here are the main sources of my stress. Yes, you knew it was coming - A LIST!!! :)

1) I talked to my Mom a few days ago and she told me that my grandfather, an abnormally sprite and healthy 70-something year old man, is having health issues. Something with his lungs and doctors don't know what it is and he needs to be sent to Jupiter for more testing. Who knows? But I'm pretty down about it and hence, not in the writing mood.

2) GRAD SCHOOL, GRAD SCHOOL, GRAD SCHOOL! I come home in roughly a month and a half, but I've been trying to prep for this transition now. I'm planning to go to grad school in Fall 2009. At first, I thought I was just going to get a Master's in International Relations, but now I think I should get a dual degree with an MBA, too. That requires much more work on my end. I've finally narrowed down the schools so now it's a matter of doing EVERYTHING else - application, references, GMAT, etc. I've even tried to refresh my math skills out here, but it's proving quite difficult. So, if you know any excellent math tutors in the tri-state area, please let me know! :) I'm gonna need one as soon as I touch down.

3) I need a job. Back home that is. Reading about the pitiful state of our economy is not really an encouraging sign either. And trying to land a job when you're 15,000 miles away from the intended destination is even harder. But I will keep on truckin...damnit, SOMEONE is going to hire me!!

4) Organizing more trips. Right now, China is on the radar for Chuseok in September (Korean Thanksgiving-ish holiday). China is normally an affordable country, but this ordeal has proven to me that it isn't. Aeja and I are looking at a 4-day, 3-night all-inclusive kind of tour and it's close to $1K. Then we have to throw in that lovely, inflated Chinese visa for Americans and the price stretches to over $1K. So that's a blower, but my desire to hug the Great Wall and party in Beijing is really fueling my need to go. We shall see....

5) Back to Boracay...yes, that's right. I'm planning to spend a week down there once I finish up and I cannot wait! I plan to do some relaxing activities though. I want to get my mind re-focused on being back home and adjusting. Plus, there's no telling when I'll be on a beach again so may as well soak it up now. I really want to get Eckhart Tolle's "A New Earth". I've just been dying to read it. I think it's a book that I'm ready for now, as I close one chapter and begin another. My only dilemma in getting to Boracay is all the crap I have in Korea. I've got to start sending stuff home, which will be expensive. I can't be lugging 4 jumbo suitcases to an island! I actually think most of my stuff will either get thrown out or given to friends staying here longer. Guess I should figure that out now huh? I love traveling and hate the planning. That's why I need to marry a travel agent...or a pilot.

6) Dating is on hiatus until...forever! Lol. Just kidding but I have to focus on other things right now. And yeah, the "new guy" that I mentioned awhile back? We will call him Dex. He was really, really cool but every girl has her dealbreakers so he got cut loose. And, as my luck would have it, he's also moving to Australia!! What in the heck is in the water down there?! I guess he and Robert can have a great ole time together! Speaking of Robert, he's fantastic! Here are some more pics of his adventures in Aussieland!

That's really it. My school semester is finishing which means tests and evaluations. Nothing good ever comes outta that. I actually fell asleep grading a test at work. Mouth agape, flies setting up shop, the whole bit. Then when my Director walked in, I pretended to be coherent again. Wow...a little sleep deprived are we? Indeed....see yall in a week!!

Until then,



gracer said...

You know...I'll be getting to Korea in a week and a half. If you want to unload some things on me and my new apartment, I'll be happy to take it. I mean anything to make my stay easier.

Let me know.

ambearo said...

Hey Joia,

Since I've just been to China I wanted to offer some advice- don't bother with an all expense trip. Seriously. The hostels are cheap and clean and getting around is much easier than you would expect (atleast I can speak for Beijing) and you will save a HUGE amount of money. Like, Matt and I had a day at the Great Wall and total for the two of us (transportation, meals, etc) it cost under $20. It's cheap if you do it yourself. Good luck! And if you have any questions, just ask!

Ms. Jackson said...

Call me I'm here. Love you.

LadyWritesTheBlues said...

Awww man!!! As soon as I come back, you're taking a hiatus? Well, I've been there myself lately, so I definitely understand! Take care of you and I hope all is well with your grandfather, grad school and the job situation. I'm sure hoping you'll continue your blog after you come back to the states! :)