Paradise Found...Part 2

Day 2 was FANTASTIC! It was raining for about half of the day, but that didn't stop the good times.  Margot and I spoke with a really cool Korean guy named Tony.  He owned a scuba shop next door to our hotel.  Aside from his blond highlights, the first thing I noticed about Tony was his perfectly flawless, bronzed skin!  Just remarkable!  So he let us in on his secret - a spa that was off-the-beaten path.  I mean, we had to walk through the "real" Boracay to get to it and that was a big reason why their business was slower.  So Tony called up the owner, Mr. Koo, and made us an appointment. And at a bargain price for 2.5 hours of bliss.  I won't reveal the price because then anyone who goes will want it, too but let's just say that kinda service back in the States would run about $400-500, easily.   So we walked about 10 mins down the dirt roads and past some chickens and shacks and arrived at YES Spa.  The outside is nothing nice to look at honestly.  Looks like someone's child painted the name on the outside and most of the place is sheltered by coconut trees.  But once you get inside, it feels like you've walked into a secret paradise for royalty.  All the outside noise disappeared and only solitude and peace remained. 

This was my first spa experience and I think it will be quite difficult to top. During the first treatment, she rubbed some mango and papaya scrub all over then wrapped me up in gigantic banana leaves. She massaged my face and put some mask on me so you know I was knocked out. Next came the hot stone massage. Utter...Speechlessness. Then I got into this big, deep stone tub. In the water were rose petals and some other wild flowers. I wanted to bottle up that water and smuggle it back with me. And you know my favorite part - the wine! Then came the regular massage. My masseuse worked some voodoo magic on my ass. I'd had an awful crick in my neck and back for about 3 years and it is sure enough gone. I was in such a hazy state the entire time that I swore they put something in my drink. Margot's lady walked on her back, but I don't really know if mine did. That's how out of it I was. When I left though, I was the most relaxed I've ever been IN LIFE and my skin was dewey and fresh. I wanted to give that woman ALL my money, that's how good she was. Put her children through college or something! So if you're lame like me and haven't gone to a spa yet, please go. It WILL be a part of my regimen now...no doubt about that! :)

The rest of the day was pretty lazy. It was a perfect night so we just drank on the beach with Tony and hung out with Noeme and some other street kids. It started pouring, monsoon-style, around 830 or 9pm and it lasted all night into the next morning. But what's a little rain?! It didn't dampen our spirits! :) Day 3 was the REALLY fun day!


liligyal said...

Oh...my...gosh, Joia. Your photos from Borucay (did I even spell that right?) are AMAZING. Kinda makes me wanna cry...but in a good way! I've just been in NYC way too long. Can't wait to get outta here. I joined up with SMOE, so I should be heading to Korea on the 21st I think.... and am reeeally excited about it. : )

I'm glad you had such an awesome time though. That spa looks like something out of a fantasy. *siiigh* : )

gracer said...

My best friend was supposed to go to honeymoon there last year, but was postponed. Now they don't know whether they are going to go. I'm going to direct them to this post and make them change their mind.

Joia you rock!

Joia said...

@ liligyal, congrats on your placement with SMOE!!! It will be amazing! :)

@ gracer, tell them to go!! im sure they will love it as much as I did. And that spa I went to offers couples packages! :)