Tired as Hell

I'm back from Boracay and I'm so far beyond travel-weary. And I got sick the last day. Just a general head cold but annoying nonetheless. So, this isn't the real official update about my trip. I'm taking my parasailing-in-the-rain, horseback-riding-through-the-mountains, ostrich-eating, adorable-Filipino-kid-adopting, spa-pampered ass to sleep... :)

I have two different perspectives on Boracay. While I had a fabulous time spending my hard-earned money, the surrounding impoverished areas were not lost on me. It has affected me in a way that I didn't think it would. I met some people who really, truly touched my life forever. So I look forward to sharing their stories and my perspective.

Until then,


**before snorkeling**

**Noeme, the cutest Filipino child EVER...we love her so much**

**horseback riding in the rain**

**all of us with Miss Noeme**

**Taken by Noeme...drinking my mojito at sunset!**


ccch said...

You know, that's honestly why I won't do certain countries. It's too heart rendering and I applaud and totally support those who can do it. I was once in Thailand, saw the red light district and gagged knowing that some of those girls could be underaged. What's a woman to do!?. Life's a MAN!!!

gracer said...

OMG! What great pics of your trip! I've always wanted to go to the Philippines!! And I'm Filipino!!!

Have a good rest!

ccch said...

LOL @ gracer!
I don't know you, but you sound sooo fun!!!!!. Have added your blog to my favourites. Hope you don't mind......

gracer said...

Yay! I find a good blog and karma comes and gets me good!

I'm flattered ccch. Of course I don't mind!