Starting the Goodbyes...and Seoul Food...

Celebrations are in order! It's my 100th post! Never thought I'd have this much to write about honestly.

Last weekend was a phenomenal weekend! I think I'm still recovering from it, hence the late posting. So hmmm, let's see. Well Friday was the last class with my kindy crew. I didn't cry (shock!) but I did snap LOTS of pics. When the teachers explained to them that I wouldn't be coming back anymore, their faces just went south and many of them clung to my legs. I had like 5 little people pulling on my pants!! Kinda scary. But I really appreciated their love for Joia teacher! The Directors even gave me little presents, like traditional Korean wallets (I can fit about 2 quarters inside..lol) and a Korean fan, and a miniature Korean screen with some writing on it. No idea what to do with the last item, but it looks cool. So, here are my rugrats, whose names I never really learned because they didn't have English names. It's harder for Korean names to stick in my head unless I hear it a lot. But I'll really miss these little devils a lot.

On Saturday, I went to Korean class. After that, I met another one of my fabulous readers and fellow bloggers in Hongdae for lunch! (Hey T!!!) She actually just got out to Korea and is teaching English as well. We ate great galbi and chatted, totally forgetting that it was pouring outside. The rest of my day was spent napping. Let's be honest - there aren't many things more relaxing than napping in the rain. Of course, I took the wrong bus home again. Yes, even after 11 months, I'm still getting lost in Korea. Pathetic right? Saturday night, I went out for drinks with some friends in Itaewon. We bar hopped from Gecko's, a packed pub, to Caliente, a salsa dancing venue then to Helio's, the hip hop bar/club that's always overflowing with soldiers and freakishly tall basketball players. I had fun, but I wasn't too happy about dropping $25 on a cab home at 3am. I chalked it up to it being my penultimate weekend in Seoul....penultimate. Always wondered when I'd ever use that word...

Sunday though was the BEST day! My friend, Z, had a soul food dinner. She lives in an apartment building that is a stone's throw from Seoul Tower. It was potluck style and everyone brought traditional dishes like mac & cheese, mashed potatoes, greens, sweet potato souffle, cornbread, fried fish, and some vegetarian friendly dishes like tofu "chicken". We even had deserts like banana pudding and dump cake. And I, with my non-cooking self, brought the plates and cutlery! Yes, don't look surprised...I'm that one at parties. Always. So we laid out blankets and candles on the rooftop of the building and just bugged out. Wow, I haven't laughed that hard since....last week! That's all I'm doing these days is laughing, eating, and drinking. But I met some cool, new brown folks at the party. I wish I were staying longer to develop these new friendships more, but I just have to hope that we'll keep in touch across the distance!

My last full week at school went well. My Directors are really pissing me off though. I'm supposed to finish on Tuesday September 30th. They've asked me to work on Wednesday Oct 1st and Thursday Oct 2nd now. I told them I could work Wednesday but not Thursday because I had too much to do and Friday October 3rd is a national holiday. So, fine, whatever. But then yesterday, my coworker let me know that I won't have to work Wednesday because the new teacher will come by then. She's the translator since my bosses don't speak English so it came right from them. Great! So, what did I do? I made appointments and filled up my schedule because that's a whole extra day I can tie up loose ends. Stupid me....Don't you know I got a call today saying that I do, in fact, need to work Wednesday?!!? I was livid and I'm going to tell them I just can't make it. I mean, it's not my problem right?? I fulfilled my year-long contract. I was only working Wednesday as a favor anyway. But I'm also nervous to say no because I won't have all my money in hand by then. I don't think they'll pull any funny stuff but you never know. But, truly, I've made dentist and doctor appointments and I have so much to do that I can't possibly cram it into Thursday. So, what say ye, readers?? How should I handle this situation?

One week left!!! Can't believe it! My, how quickly time flies once you get outta your apartment! :)

Until then,



Fly Brother said...

Aw, look at the little munchkins...tey toe tweet!

As for the job thing, I'd be as apologetic as possible, letting them know that important medical appointments were made on Wednesday specifically because I was told that I didn't have to work that day and I'm really, really sorry because I would otherwise come in but I can't because, well, I've got these appointments that can't be rescheduled. Sorry, you guys. (Then hit 'em with the sad puppy face).

Joia said...

Thanks, Fly Brother! I actually thought of a compromise. I'm only going to work a half-day. They need me to cover just the elementary school kids so I agreed to it. I can leave at 6pm instead of 10 so I just had to reshuffle one appointment! So it all worked out! :)