When Gangnam Calls...

I should definitely be showering right now since I just came home from the gym. But I'm not. Yet. I like to just bask in the aftersweat. Ok, there really wasn't any aftersweat because I didn't go all that hard tonight. I'm feeling a little sluggish actually and maybe that's because I stayed out all night, once again, on Saturday. But I had a very special reason. I got to meet one of my readers! (HEY M!!) She hit me up just letting me know she would be in town and if we could hang out. So of course I said yes! I introduced her to other brown folks out here and we all had a really great time. We met up in Gangnam for galbi. We must've sat around chatting about all kinds of things - from Koreans' endless fascination with our hair to the closeted gay Korean population - for about 2 hours. My Korean guy friends and acquaintances can swear up and down til they're blue in the face that there aren't gay people in Korea, but EVERY population has gay people. I don't know why my friends want to argue with me about this. Denial does not equal disappearance. Just because you're not choosing to acknowledge something doesn't mean it's not there. Let's all wave and say hello to the big, gay elephant in the room, Korea. All together now!!

**climbing down from my soapbox**

So, after a satisfying dinner, some of us headed out for dancing. We ended up at Harlem club. I made a beeline for the bar once we got in there because it was SO empty! I just kept thinking what a crappy night it was gonna be. But oh was I wrong!! Out of the five of us that went, only Kayla and I stayed until the sun came up. But I was pretty impressed that M and others stuck around till at least 2 or 3am. By that point, I was fading too. Only two things really keep my engine going into the wee hours - Long Island Ice Teas and eye candy. That's really it. Lucky for me, both were plentiful. Correction - I had ONE Long Island that lasted me 3 hours. I mean, it just wouldn't go down! I'd take a sip and it was like the bartender snuck his ass behind me and re-filled it! Speaking of bartenders, Kayla and I harassed them for a good while. But they liked it! One of them was so damn pretty, like a doll or something. And the other one just seemed annoyed and angry, like he soiled his diaper and his mom wouldn't change it. We got him to crack a smile though...after about 2 hours. I spent the better part of my time waiting in the crusty bathroom line though. There were only 4 stalls and two were locked because I believe two girls passed out inside. I have no mercy for people like this though. I just want to handle my business and keep it moving!

I spotted some super cute guys. One guy I checked when I first walked in. Truly adorable. He bought us shots and partook in the festivities. And then he dropped the bomb that he had a girlfriend in Canada. He whipped out some camera pics of her. She was very cute but not as attractive as him. In between his slurring speech and my equally blurry vision, he claimed that he "really loved her but didn't trust her at all". Interesting but not for me to figure out. So I made my way to someone else to keep the party going. Lol.

By 5am, I was coming down from the interminable Long Island and just wanted to go to sleep. But we went to the neighboring hip-hop club, NB. It was actually waaaaaaay better than Harlem. I was shocked to find it packed as hell at that hour, folks still dancing like mad. I met a cute guy named Ju Hyeon. You know, truth be told, I can't remember his face or features. I know I sound the plumb fool but it's like that sometimes, yall! Damn those strobe lights. But I'm pretty sure he was cute and he was tall! Really tall. But just one small problem - he goes to school like 2 hours away! I haven't figured out if he commutes back and forth or what but that simply will not do. Honestly, I leave in 3 weeks so what's really gonna come of this?? But maybe we can have coffee or something. Then there was another guy named Chan with a cute hip-hop style, not the obnoxious gold-chain wearing caricatures that I'm used to seeing out here. He was very shy so his friend who spoke perfect English helped him out. There is something to be said for a guy who acts very shy initially. Can't put my finger on it, but it's...intriguing. His friend, by the way, was married with two young boys at home. So why in the SAM HELL are you out at the club at 3am?!?! I wish my husband would...

After NB, Kayla and I went to Burger King. This BK is pure foolishness. We rolled up in there and why did they only have chicken sandwiches??? How is Burger King not gonna have ONE, SINGLE burger?! I think this doesn't make you a burger king but rather a burger idiot. I tore up that chicken sandwich until the nausea kicked though. On our way out, saw this fine specimen on the street. Korea Sparkling...never seen someone who just sweats on his shoulders and nowhere else. Fascinating indeed...

I got home by 8am or so. I was actually in physical pain. Somewhere throughout the night, I dislocated my shoulder because that puppy was wailing when I laid down on it. I had scraped my ankle pretty badly the night before too (thank you, sangria!) and that was throbbing anew. My obliques were killing me because my gym friend made me do sidedips way too deeply. And of course, because it never fails, someone stepped on my damn foot. Some drunk girl who wanted to dance with me shoved her stiletto into my arch then laughed nervously, backed away slowly, never to return. UGH...so goes my weekend. :)

Here are some bonus pics so you can see what I've been doing the last couple of weekends...

*out at Carne Station with Jameelah and friends*

**Kevin and Arigato during our snack party** Kevin, along with about 4 others from his class, quit recently :(

**Kayla and Leslie at the Que cookout in Yongsan**

**Susannah, Kayla, Chentel, and Christina at Rhythm N' Booze**

**my favorite couple**

This weekend, I'm headed to Busan with the girls for Chuseok!!! Woo hoo, a beach!! :)

Until then,



Fly Brother said...

Damn...looks like you keepin the block hot over there in Korea; workin the gym and the dance floor. We need pictures from Busan!

hassie said...

hey i love your blog so much ..mstly cos u r so funny at times and i actually can relate to some of your experiences
I cant comment on your other posts tho like the one on insensivity nd ppl touching u at the gym ( that was funny lol)..
anwz i live in singapore and its pretty much the same,amazing ,are u still in korea? i would love to go there ...its beautiful

naija said...

i CANNOT believe it took me 3 years to figure out that you had written this post and shouted me out. Thanks so much for being such a great hostess. That night was awwwwweeesome! = M