Have You Missed Me?? :)

Hey Everyone!

I haven't updated on this site for a long time! I'm in grad school now (as you can see from the books behind me and the general defeat in my eyes) and it's kicking my you-know-what. If you'll recall from my bucket list, I had a few things I wanted to accomplish. By 2011, I'll have checked off "get a Master's in International Relations" and "State Dept". Sweet! Anyway, I just wanted to thank you all for continuing to email me your questions and comments. I absolutely love getting them. Amidst all the spam for Viagra and "Mature Singles", your emails are a ray of sunshine. I figured I would share some good news! For one, I did a cool interview with a new online magazine called Izle (eye-zle) about life in Korea. The creator is a super-talented writer and media maven. For her first issue, she decided to lose her marbles interview me! I emailed my family and told them and my mom said, "Good interview, but why do you say "like" so much???" Hahaha...to which my reply was: I don't know, like, I just went with it. I'm working on getting my speaking skills to the level of my writing skills. They are two different processes. Anyway, here's a link. The Seoul of Joia

Exciting news part 2 is I'm headed back to South Korea!!! No, not tomorrow (I wish). I'll be there next summer for an internship in Seoul and I plan to have a fabulous time. I didn't realize how much I would miss being in Korea. I may actually continue on this blog with my personal stories (nothing work related). A year really isn't enough time to do stuff. I mean, I never went hiking or visited Seoul Tower (I know, sad) or did a temple stay! Or went to Jeju-do Island! I'm not finished with Korea yet and landing an internship there for the summer is proof positive of that. :) So, I hope you'll join me next summer when I return to the land of kimchi and drunk ajusshis morning calm. I hope to see old friends and make a whole bunch of new ones! :)

Until then,