Seoul-Bound, Part 2

I've started the countdown, folks. That's right, in about 4 weeks, I'll be headed back to Korea. I'm soooooooooo excited! I don't know if my yellow fever has subsided or not, but I guess we'll see. I'm now obsessed with Korean dramas and will be on the look out for celebrities (who I can actually recognize now). What's going to make this time around more exciting (I think) is that I'm more familiar with the city so I'll be able to understand more and converse more in Korean (hopefully). I also hope to visit the provinces in Korea, not just Seoul. I intend to see my old stomping grounds and have an especially great reunion with my old friends. Some of my girls are still around while others have moved back home to the U.S. or to other military assignments in Iraq. Robert's back from Australia and we've been emailing quite a bit. Last we spoke, he was backpacking through Europe for a few weeks. Can't wait to hear about that! I've also been in touch with my old kindergarten school. I believe my friend Mary is still there and if I'm lucky, maybe some of the babies are, too! I still miss them.

My life has been amazingly well. I'm finishing up my second semester of grad school. I traveled a little for spring break to Barcelona. Gorgeous city!! I would love to return when it's warmer for sure. I'm hoping some folks can visit me in Korea again this summer. I always love when people visit Asia for the first time. I think it's eye-opening. Ironically, two close friends of mine want to teach in Korea now and they've been asking me for advice. And I still get emails from people who want to do the same so keep it up!! :) Any reason to procrastinate on some of my schoolwork is okay with me.

Well, I'll add some pics from Barcelona because I know that's what you're used to! I chopped off all my hair shortly after returning from Korea so I'm all natural now. I can't wait to see the reactions from Koreans. I'm sure I'll get lots of random people touching me. Yikes!

Until then,