Eating Myself Silly

Seoul in 3 days.

But for the past week, I've been engaging in decidedly destructive behavior - continuous eating and drinking. Now, I loooovvvveee food. There is no hate relationship with food, just love. And that love is starting to show up around my midsection. This is one reason why I can't wait to get back to Asia and shed some pounds. With the end of finals, it's been all about eating, celebrating, and drinking around the clock and I AM TIRED. I feel like that very hungry caterpillar who ate everything. I've been trying to do damage control and you know I'll be searching for a gym upon arrival. All of my friends in America want to send me off with well wishes and all my friends in Korea want to welcome me with soju. And I have no problems with either of those!!

The packing isn't going all that great because I am being lazy. For one, there will be no frantic unloading and repacking of bags at Dulles this time around. That was horrific. I mean, I packed 12 sticks of deodorant before!! What a waste! So, I know what to pack and what to buy when I arrive and that's considerably less stressful. I will be bringing a separate bag for shoes though....and purses. I can't wait to hunt for purses again!! Anyway, I'm rambling. Just wanted to update and share pics from my friend's birthday dinner. Love her!

By the way, if any of the other Black bloggers in Korea would like to have an official meetup, I'd love to help organize it! I feel like I've either met or emailed with a large portion of you and I'd actually like to get all of us in a room and do one big blog (perhaps a video blog) about what we've all learned and loved about Korea. Anyone down???? :) Let me know!

Until then,

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Anonymous said...

Hello Joia! I like the idea about getting together with other bloggers to do one big blog! I just need to know where and when!