"So, Is That Weave?"

It's been a long time since anyone has come right out and asked if my hair was real, but alas, the lull was broken recently. For my job, we did a program with middle schoolers so on our way back from lunch, I sat in the back with a group of giggly girls. All except one girl who was very stern-faced but pretty with high cheek bones, freckles, and dimples. She and I chatted about how she's moving to a new high school next year and she's nervous because none of her friends will be there. I told her not to worry about it, that she'd make friends in no time! Then she lamented her "awful" English and how all of the new kids would tease her. I saw that she was getting quite depressed about it so I tried to give her a pep talk. Then she turns to me, cocks her head to one side and asks:

"So, is that weave?"

**pause** First of all, if your English is so bad, why the devil do you know the word weave?! Obviously, you've been watching enough BET or Real Housewives of Atlanta to know about weave! Second, really??? But none of this registered on my face. I just looked back at her, smiled sweetly and said, "No, it is not a weave. These are called twists." But she wouldn't relent. Here's how the conversation went (and I'm sure all my sistas know exactly what's about to go down)

HER: Yeah, but I mean, that's fake hair. That's not your REAL hair.

**thinking to myself** You little twerp...

ME: Well, technically, no it is not all my hair. I am just giving my hair a rest for now.

HER: Oh. But like, how do you wash it? **starts rubbing her hair as if to demonstrate to me how to wash hair**

ME: **starting to boil** Well, how exactly do you wash YOUR hair? With shampoo and water right? So do I.

HER: **not giving up** But like, isn't it hard to wash it deep? What about your scalp and stuff?

ME: **seething** Ok, sweetie, I understand your natural curiosity around my hair. After all, there aren't many people who look like me walking around. I get it. But I wash my hair just like you do. It's still hair.

HER: Hmph. **mutters to herself** I see.

~*~ 5 minutes pass~*~

HER: So, then, that's weave or not?

ME: Oh, look, we've arrived! Time to get off the bus!

Never in the history of me getting my hair twisted/braided has there been this much interest. I swear, I am going to write a manual for people, once and for all, so that a Black woman never has to be asked stupid hair questions. The weave question doesn't bother me as much as the "do you wash it?" question. That sends my blood boiling in 2 hot seconds. I'm probably a lot more lenient and patient with people, too...even strangers. Yes, I have let strange people touch my hair simply to satisfy their curiosity and get on with it. I realize most Black women would probably cuss them out and send them packing, but I recognize the ignorance and try to be open-minded. But my patience is running thin. I dunno what's going to happen when I unleash this afro in a few weeks....

Anyway, I had hoped to attend a Korean wedding last weekend, but work called. Pretty bummed about that. Instead, I ate and drank every night! I tell you, last time I was in Korea, I lost quite a bit of weight but it is completely reversed this time around. I am gorging myself on grilled meat, kimchi, and other miscellaneous Korean food that I missed all this time. Thank goodness I'm still working out to counteract this madness. I feel like time is going by too quickly now. It's almost July and I haven't done many of the things I planned so I've gotta get on with it. I will do a temple stay at some point!

This weekend should be good. World Cup Fever continues - Korea beat Nigeria to advance to the Round of 16 so on Saturday, they'll play Uruguay. I'll be out for that. And congrats to the US, too!! They'll play Ghana and hopefully emerge victorious. If, by some miracle, Korea beats Uruguay and the US beats Ghana, US and Korea will meet up! **GASP** I'll be so torn...but anyway, this scenario is unlikely.

Alright kiddies, sorry I don't have pics, but give me advice on how to handle stupid hair questions. Please and thank you.

Until then,


Red Fever and Old Friends

I'm determined to update before I go to bed - let's hope my eyes feel the same way. The past few weeks have been jam-packed with stuff. In case you've been dead or buried under books or living like Tom Hanks in Castaway, you know the World Cup has enraptured, well...the world! South Korea has an especially hearty fan base...and by hearty I mean absolutely crazy. I have officially caught the red fever this time....and I don't particularly care for soccer. But after being in downtown Seoul during the Korea/Greece game, I'm officially hooked. I was screaming and hollering like everyone! The slogans are not wonderful (this year the theme is "Shouting Korea"), but the fervor and love for the national team is unparalleled, except maybe in Europe or Brazil. This Thursday, they play Argentina so I'm sure folks will be out again in full force.

**the City Hall subway station, flooded with fans and gear!! It was madness!!**

**my friend Gina and I at an event downtown...we got to watch the game from a hotel party**

**the view from the 31st floor of the hotel - yes, those are people! Probably a few thousand - awesome energy!**

**Superstar Park Jisung, celebrating after scoring a goal...Korea won 2-0**

**young fans wrapped in Korea flags and rockin' stilettos - loved them!!**

After the game, we headed to Itaewon with some other friends. Lots of rowdy foreigners flooded the subway stations and poured into Itaewon. I was soooooo tired by then, but I kept the party going at some fun gay clubs! They never disappoint! :)

Aside from WC fever, I met up with some old friends!! What happy reunions! First up was my old kindergarten director and colleague. We headed out to Bucheon to visit Ainsworld, a small park that has replicas of many world monuments. It was actually a lot of fun despite the cruddy weather...and I got to see the whole world in an hour. Hehe.

**the Leaning Tower of Pizza!!**

**Behind us is the lost city of Atlantis and this was my favorite exhibit because it sank every 5 mins - genius!!**

I also hung out with Robert! Our meetings are always spur-of-the-moment and this time was no different. I had been out with coworkers after work and he said, "Hey, wanna go to Seoul Tower tonight?!" OF COURSE I DO!! Lol. I was kicking myself for never going to the THE most recognizable landmark in South Korea last time so I was excited to go, especially at night. It was awesome, too. We hopped a bus and climbed a steep hill for about 10 mins (felt like 10 years) before we reached the top. What a view. I shall let the pictures speak for themselves. But it was great to see Robert and finally see Seoul Tower!

**Looks like Seoul's on fire - night lights are outta control!**

**Inspired by a Korean drama, couples flock to the top of Seoul Tower to inscribe their names on locks and throw away the key - a symbol of their eternal love. Cute right??**

It's late and I will pay the price tomorrow at work when I'm passed out at my desk, but mission accomplished! :) Upcoming events - a Korean wedding and celeb stalking spotting!

Until then,