City Strollin'

I spent a day strolling around Seoul with my roomie and these are things we saw.

**Creativity at its finest - it's a restaurant called The Restaurant (in Samcheong-dong) with little indication of the actual cuisine served. Loves it**

**A mother/son ping pong championship...so cute! Mama kicked his you-know-what!**

**This was a Muy Thai competition I believe...some type of martial arts. Very interesting because the guy in white was doing so well...then he got hit with a roundhouse kick/neck grab combo and that was the end of that. Womp**

**According to my roommate, this sign is protesting the closing down of this cafe, allegedly by the government. The reasons behind it are unclear, but I just liked the handwriting...lol**

**Graffiti in Insa-dong says "Ha Yu-rim loves Dylan Lee. All together now: Awwwwww!! **

**A 3-on-3 basketball tourney in Yongsan. I know what you're thinking and actually, the Koreans were killin' it. One of the black dudes was playing in JEANS! C'mon man, you can try a little bit. That's why yall got embarrassed. Shameful. **

**Lovely flowers near City Hall - I'm a semi-nature lover..**

**An artist's work outside the Seoul Museum of Art...**

**This is not an optical illusion....well sorta. These sculptures were intentionally built stunted and exaggerated like this...I kept blinking and rubbing my eyes because I thought my contacts had gone haywire. It's probably the coolest thing I've seen in a long time. If anyone knows the name for this, I'd be glad to know!**

**A whale and a pig...made out of kitchenware! There are pots, pans, spoons, etc....how ironic that a pig would be made of kitchen utensils because that's probably where he'll end up anyway - on my plate. Womp. **

**The exhibit on Rodin - he's most famous for "The Thinking Man". I explained to David (who went with me) that we joke he's actually on the toilet, thinking about why nothing will come out. He busted out laughing, embarrassed us, and was simultaneously shushed by the docent and glared at by serious art lovers. Classic!!**

**Interesting artwork outside the museum...stilettos with a horse attached. I bet Korean women would wear these actually...**

**A hen with eggs inside...and I believe those are lightbulbs so at night, this exhibit must look pretty cool**


Such a wonderful day just strolling around and capturing all the random things going on! Never a dull moment...luckily, this weather has been phenomenal. It belies the approaching monsoon season, but for now, I'm not complaining. Just trying to capture it.

One cute thing happened on the way home. I believe my hair grabs more attention than anything about me. So, on the way home, I was riding the subway with my roommate and this young teenage guy walks up to her and asks 1) if she speaks Korean and 2) if her friend (me) would mind if his girlfriend took a picture with me. I actually understood what he was asking so I said of course! The poor girl was sooooooooo shy and just kept giggling and putting her hand over her mouth as she got closer to me. It was the strangest, cutest thing though! This must be how celebrities feel when their fans have a really strong reaction huh?! Like if I ever met Will Smith, I would probably faint. Lol...I'm no Beyonce, but to that little girl, I must've made her whole day! So we took a couple of pictures and she went back to her boyfriend, fanning herself, blushing, and giggling all over again. Quite adorable! No idea what spurred that kind of reaction in her, but I'm certain it was because of my weird hair and brown skin. Outside of that, I'm at a loss.

Sorry for the lazy posting! I'm headed out to see Sex and the City 2 - FINALLY!! I realize the plotline probably sucks but I'm all about the outfits and in that department, I'm sure this movie will not disappoint. :)

Until then,


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Tiarra said...

That is so cute! I won't lie, that probably would have creeped me out a little. But I don't believe it would have trumped my feeling of flattery. :]

After seeing the pictures, you hair is kinda awesome! :D I wish mine did that. ;_; To be truthful, I don't even know how my natural hair was before I relaxed the crap out of it. -sigh-