My Quest for "Kogi" (Meat)

The last time I was in Korea, I lost a lot of weight. I'm not sure if it was due to my weird work schedule, my psycho gym schedule, or a mild touch of depression, but I was super skinny. I could even wear skinny jeans. Now, my skinny jeans are screaming a bit. I seem to crave meat now....A LOT. If you've never had Korean BBQ, you should. And if you're a vegetarian, it's worth breaking your habit for a day. But my obsession with kogi goes far beyond the normal oh-let's-have-some-on-the-weekends type of thinking. I want grilled meat almost everyday. Because I have a smidgen of dignity left, I don't indulge myself everyday but I want to. I cannot figure out why I just cannot control myself and I worry about returning to the States and not having daily access and wafts of grilled goodness. I've grown to love all kinds of Korean grilled meat, like cha-dol-beh-gi, thinly sliced beef, looks like bacon and tastes like heaven...I especially like this type of meat because it cooks quickly and thereby gets to my mouth faster, too.



Then there is mok-sal, the neck (and hence meatier) portion of the pig. Sam-gyup-sal is quite popular but it's too fatty in my opinion. I like lean kogi. :)

**I thought eating grilled meat the night of the Korea/Uruguay game would help the Red Devils win - it did not. But I ate well anyway!**

**with my "dong-seng" (little brother), eating grilled meat in Hongdae**

**Roomie Regina showing off the goods...**

**Regina's friend from Sweden prepared some traditional summer meal with lots of fish, alcohol, eggs, and tomato/mozzarella....hello food coma!**

**traditional Korean meal at Korea House, a government owned historical restaurant**

**Having some beers near Apgujeong**

**Enjoying some cheesy chicken deliciousness at a spot in Hongdae...the beer cups were actually old US military cups...kinda neat**

**Eating BBQ chicken (tak-galbi) with English teachers**

So yes, my quest for grilled kogi in Korea continues. I actually think it is more the total experience that I love - the smells flowing from the window, sitting down and seeing the grill (mouth starts watering), setting the table (with metal chopsticks, napkin, and spoon), looking at the menu to select the types of meat, ordering alcohol, etc. Everything just relaxes me and my mind equates grilled meat (and I guess food in general) with relaxation. Weird huh? Oh well, my jeans will just keep on screaming because I'm not giving up my kogi. :)

I also saw some interesting advertisements on the subway for plastic surgery. I must admit, simplicity sells. But something just seems....wrong about these? Plastic surgery is rampant in Korea so I cannot say I am surprised at all, but many of the surgeries, to me, are to "westernize" their features (like the eyes and facial structure). And honestly, I love Asian features so I guess I don't understand the obsession with changing that. I dunno, you be the judge.

**Change your breast**

**Change your facial bone**

**And my favorite - change your eyes**

Until then,


Lina said...

chadolbaegi is beef. i like your blog, btw.

Joia said...

Thanks, Lina! You know, this is what happens when you update your blog at 2am - brain farts! Lol

alexisurhomie said...

I love this blog keep it up girl

Frenchie said...

i found the plastic surgery craze in Seoul to be disturbing. so many people told em they wanted eyes like mine that I began getting worried that they'd actually take my pic to the plastic surgeon during their lunch break and get eyes like mine! lol. its so sad to see Asian women destroy what makes them so uniquely beautiful