Whoop, There It Ain't!

If you thought whooping cough was some medieval ailment cured by magic potions and sorcery, you'd be wrong. It's modern-day, folks and guess who was lucky enough to get it?! Yes.......be very jealous. But seriously, I noticed the morning after my birthday that my throat was feeling a little dry and scratchy. I ignored it for about 2 weeks until I got back home and had a violent coughing attack, seemingly out of nowhere. Tears streaming down my face, gasping (literally whooping, trying to catch a breath), clutching the side of the sink thinking that these were my final moments. Lemme tell you - if you've never been on the verge of suffocating, it's a truly horrific experience and one that got me to a doctor real quick-like. I had no idea when an attack would come again but I wanted drugs to start dealing with it. Another wonderful side effect is that you're highly contagious, something I'm sure those folks on Korean Air would've liked to have known about. But alas, I didn't know.

So, anyway, I've been nursing this thing for the past 10 days or so, took all my meds (which I am not convinced actually did anything but what do I know?) and got lots of rest. I do feel better and it only bothers me in the mornings. Here's a little snippet of a young girl having a fit of whooping cough. Poor thing sounds like she's going to die - which is precisely what I sounded like, too. Scary! Almost activates my whooping cough just listening to it!

But anyway, you may have noticed that I'm back in the US now after finishing up my internship. School has started which means so has the ceaseless banging of my head against hard surfaces. Today I spent aaaaaallllllll day in my pajamas, reading and drifting in and out of slumber. I did "sit and take nourishment", as my Dad says, but a general lethargy has overtaken my faculties. I hope to snap out of that pretty soon. Hope.

Anyway, the last few weeks have been eventful so I'll post some pics. I love that I have so many new and "seasoned" (I hate the word "old") readers, but now I feel an immense pressure to update when, in reality, I won't have the time. :( So here's also hoping that you all won't stage a mutiny or anything. Trust me, if I could find a way to spend all my days just writing (non-foreign policy related stuff) and updating my blog, I surely would. Actually, there are people who get paid to do that - I'm just not that smart. So, here goes - a short wrap-up! :)

Until then,


**Final intern dinner and our food of choice? Chicken and beer...**

**outside a cute cafe near Hongdae with a funky mural...and the answer is always yes...**

**the bf is teaching me how to sail, bless his heart...**

**another of my besties is getting married so we had her bridal shower - so beautiful!**

**complete surprise!! we're awesome...**

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