Opportunity Knocking

Sorry for the delay, folks! School has picked up quite a bit and I feel like I'm drowning in books. I wake up and read til class, come home from class and read til the wee hours, sleep, and repeat. I envy my working friends on most days because at least they know what the weekend looks like. Anyway, in between all the madness, I've started writing articles for an ESL website, bestowing my Korea advice to those who actually care. I've only done a couple so far, but I plan to contribute until I run out of things to say. So, here are my first two articles about what to expect in Korea and what to pack. As usual, a little bit of humor goes a long way.

"I Made it to Korea! Now what??"

"Leave the (12 Sticks of) Deodorant, Take the Shoes: Packing for Korea Made Simple"

If I ever have time to reorganize my blog, I'll try to isolate advice-oriented posts from others. I tend to get the same questions asked over and over so perhaps I can save everyone a little time. I haven't done much traveling lately except for a trip to VA beach with the bf a few weeks ago. It was just what the doctor ordered, too. I've been pulling out my hair from stress and I think he noticed my bald patch and offered up a vacation as the cure. It worked. It's been a solid two years since I've been on a beach. Why would anyone wait that long?! Beats me, but I won't go that long without sun, sand, and beer again! Another highlight was my wonderful host was half-Korean and made delicious Korean food!! Score!

Sorry this is so short, but I've got to hit myself with the books again. :(

Until then,