The Abyss.

I think any advanced degree program should just simply be called "The Abyss." No matter what it is - law school, business school, basket weaving school - I'm sure all are equally tortuous and mind-numbing, especially basket weaving. So many baskets, so little time. Anyway, my lovelies, how have YOU been?? I don't ask that question enough (or at all)!! This blog is so selfish because it's all about ME, right? But honestly, there are 45 of you who follow this blog and there may be about 3 more who follow secretly and just lurk (oh yes, I see you too, Lurkers! Sike...) So, I want to hear from you guys!!! How's life? Who pissed you off today? Who made you smile? Who are you crushing on? Where are you traveling to next? I need ideas. You know, I want this relationship to be more reciprocal and interactive. So, humor me.....and help me procrastinate. Please? You can leave a comment OR send an email OR do both OR do neither......OR....just keep reading and lurking, lurkers. I won't judge. Hehe.

So, where the devil have I been the past 6 weeks?! I'm surprised no one emailed me to say, "Woman, why aren't you blogging?!" Usually those nasty emails come from Meeka though. So, aside from my never-ending papers, I hit NYC with the boy, attended a wine & reggae festival, and hung out in Miami with Meeka for a wedding. VERY much needed/appreciated mini-vacations. I was feeling kinda crazy and bogged down and stagnant. I stopped going to the gym, too. Nothing good ever comes of that, let me tell you. So, I'll quickly recap my whirlwind few weeks.


My crazy other half (aka my brother) lives up there with his lady so we crashed with him. Honestly, the weekend was absolutely perfect. I saw friends who I hadn't seen in a long time, ate FAB-U-LOUS (and inexpensive) food, and took in the sights and sounds of my favorite city. NYC has a very distinguishable "aroma", if you will. Those who live there know what I'm talking about - you just can't confuse that with anything else. It's at once abhorrent and comforting. I dunno why that is. I love New York's energy though. Non-stop, quirky, crazy, insatiable - all the things I am! Hahaha. Anyway, here are some photos from my trip. I wasn't going to post any photos of my boyfriend (he's rabidly private and anti-social networks...hell, he doesn't even know about/read my blog!), but well, just one. Maybe two.

**on the ferry from jersey**

**weird MoMa exhibits**

**some of my fave NYers having dinner at Cafetasia**

**brunch at Poco....A-MA-ZING!!**

**dragged to an architecture museum or something. not gonna lie- it was a tad dry for my tastes**

**pumpkin carving! good job, babe!**

**like a proud mama and her baby!**

**walking through the Highline Park - sooo dope! Must check it out if you're in NYC...they converted abandoned train tracks/station into a park that overlooks the city!**


So, Mimi (quite possibly the smallest and craziest human you'll meet) was in town and since we like to let her out the cage from time to time, a big group of us went to the Linganore Wine & Reggae in Mt. Airy, MD. The weather was a perfect fall day, lots of wine and reggae flowing all day long, and I ate some tasty Jamaican food, too! Can't go wrong with that! I think the photos will speak for themselves in explicating just how much fun we had out there...

Yeah, jumping on people's backs is what I do best. I may be thin, but I have waaaaay more limbs than normal people. I may as well be an octopus. Hmm. Moving on...


Another bestie is off the market! **sigh** They grow up so fast. Anyway, so I was a lucky bridesmaid for my friend Leelee's nuptials and they were positively splendid. Believe it or not, this wedding outdid the one in Guatemala. Maybe it was the samba dancers...or the fireworks...or the photo booth....or the mariachi band....OR the candy bar....or the open bar....or the...I dunno. You be the judge.

**I am singing "La Cucaracha - not even kidding**

So, I apologize if all these photos crashed your computer or an entire network. That really wasn't my intention...I'm just so behind with my damn blogs. FYI, if there is a special blogger in your life, you can have their blog turned into a book! I stumbled upon this nifty website while looking for gifts for someone else. It's called Blog 2 Print and it's a great way to have your blog as a more personal keepsake! I'm ordering mine and now I can have something tangible to flip through.

Alright folks, guess I'll be seeing you after finals - in about 3 weeks! Happy Turkey Day to everyone and have a safe, overly-stuffed holiday!

Until then,