Loving 2011 Already.

Can you believe how quickly 2010 flew by?! My head is still spinning because it seemed like just yesterday that I was shoveling out my car from Snowmageddon, visiting beautiful Barcelona, and interning in Seoul. This year is probably going to be my best year yet though. I just have a good feeling and although my boyfriend seems to think odd-numbered years are crappy, I'm determined to make it amazing. Do you make New Years resolutions? You know, I don't anymore. I always commit myself to the same things: more love, more life, more learning and traveling, more understanding and self-awareness. These are the things that tend to enrich my life the most...and of course, great food!

My year ended wonderfully. It's rare that I have an awesome New Years, but I got to spend it with some of my most special friends and loved ones. I spent all week preparing for it - I got a looooooong overdue manicure and pedicure. I should never, ever allow my feet to get like that, finals or not. My toes literally looked like I could be catching salmon in some Alaskan river. That's just not okay. And I've got the ripped bedsheets to prove it. As the woman went to work on my feet, I pretended to ignore her struggles and exasperated chatter in Vietnamese. Poor thing, but I tipped her well. I also got my hair pressed! I've been natural now for about 2 years and 4 months. My official nappy-versary is February 11th when I big chopped. I resisted the urge to straighten my hair all this time, but more than anything, I wanted to do a length check. For 2011, I'm making healthy hair a tip-top priority. Unfortunately, my straight style lasted about 32 hours thanks to the unseasonably warm weather on New Years Day. But that's okay, I'll try it again for graduation in May.

After a nice dinner out on the town, I headed to Meeka's for a party! It was absolutely crazy fun! We have a group of young, black professional friends that always gets together for any and every reason. Meeka made some lethal (and delicious) Apple Pie Moonshine, along with an assortment of other liquors all hell-bent on derailing my sexy for the evening. Here are some of the pictures that won't embarrass me if I become an Ambassador. Lol.






Stumbling in at 4am reminded me of my Korea days coming back from Gangnam. Yikes. Luckily, I didn't get sick.....

But I did have a nasty hangover the next morning when I had to run around and buy some gifts. New Years Day brought a special surprise. First of all, trying to keep anything from Meeka has proved impossible for the past 15 years so I was anxious about trying to pull this off. Luckily, there was a whole team of people working with me all to capture this very moment:

That's right - my Meeka is getting MAAAAARRRRRIIIIEEEEDDDDD!!! (You have to say it in the Oprah voice). I've known about her fiance's intention to propose for a while, but over the past couple months, everything started coming together quickly. I'd been very involved behind the scenes and loved running around to buy engagement gifts! Probably the only thing more nerve-racking than being proposed to is watching your best friend being proposed to! A big group of friends (the same ones from the NYE party) all met at a restaurant in Georgetown. As each course came and went, I got more and more anxious about the impending proposal. Finally, I had to excuse myself to use the bathroom and splash some cold water on my face to calm down. My legs were feeling wobbly and my mouth was mush...it was the strangest feeling in the world! Giddy with anticipation and adrenaline!

So, after dessert, things got quiet. I could feel the tense energy as we all (except for Meeka) knew what was coming. And finally, it started. The first proposal came from her fiance's young daughter who asked, "Will you be my stepmom?" and presented her with a cute little ring. Of course she said yes! But by this point, it dawned on her just what was happening and her breathing quickened. Then he started to speak and the waterfalls began! It was an amazing moment and I was beside myself with happiness. So, I'll stop rambling and just post the awesome photos!! :)

I'm so excited and truly honored to be Meeka's best friend and maid of honor...and I intend to make 2011 an amazing year for her, her fiance, and their daughter! Congrats, my dear! I love you always! :)

Well, in other not-so-exciting-news, I start school next week. Geez, can a sista get a breather?! I will be so glad when I can take that little piece of paper, put it up on a wall, and forget all about it! Lol. But this year will be very exciting for me, too as I prepare to start my career in the Foreign Service. I should know by late June or early July just where I will be living for the next few years. It is certainly bittersweet to choose a career that will take me away from friends and family, but I know ultimately that I will be doing important work to make America even better. And that will make it all worthwhile in the end. :)

So, here's to 2011. I cannot believe I've had this blog for almost four years! What an incredible journey and I definitely look forward to continuing to share my life with you all. Cheers!!

Until then,