REPOST: Dating in Delaware

Make sure to check out Jamaican Adventures Pt. 2. I was digging through more old blogs and stumbled upon this gem from December 2008. Enjoy!

"I went out to dinner tonight with a guy named Jim. I met him at the gym. I know right? Jim from the gym. But hell it's simple and I love simplicity. Jim's mad cool though. I remember him from a few weeks ago and he just kinda watched me while I was lifting. It freaked me a little but I decided to pretend not to see him. So a few days ago, while I was lifting and minding my own business, ipod thumping and sufficiently drowning out human contact, Jim started talking to me.

"Blah blah blahbitty blah blah..." is what his mouth said.

"Huh?? What's that?" I said, ripping out my headphones, fully annoyed and breathing hard.

"Oh, I just said that like, you're using the, like, hardest machine here. That's what they said...but you make it look so easy..."

**sniff sniff** Do I smell game? Alright I'll play along...

"Ha..well..I dunno about that. But it's pretty tough, yeah.." I responded, gulping water and wiping my mouth with the back of my hand, totally de-feminizing myself.

"So um, I've seen you here before...are you from here?"

Little did Jim know, this is one of my pet peeves at the gym - having full conversations while trying to exercise. But I played along because he seemed pretty harmless and nice. I respect that he had the balls to approach me in the first place. He's the only guy, well except a chubby guy last month, that's actually talked to me. So, after about 5 seconds of an awkward pause, I chimed in, "Well, see you around. Enjoy your workout!"

As I started to walk away, he said, "Hey...ummm..hey, if you're not busy this weekend maybe, do you wanna have dinner..or something?" This put me in a compromising position because I was surrounded by all the much hotter guys that I was actually interested in. They'd all seen me chatting with Jim, sizing him up no doubt. So I had a couple of options: 1) I could make up a lie like, "Oh gosh, I'm sorry, I have a boyfriend..." which would effectively take me out of the running with said cuties 2) I could awkwardly say I wasn't interested, playing this poor guy in public and sending a signal to others that I'm unapproachable or 3) I could just go with it and say f*ck it!! I realize there are implications to giving my number to the nerdy guy, but truthfully, nerdy guy is actually nice. Not attractive, but nice. He had the cojones so he got the digits...

So we went to this Indian restaurant for dinner. It's my fault for saying I'd eat anything. I just got flashbacks of my Pizza Hut incident from Korea and prayed that I wouldn't have to bolt from that place. He ordered so much daggone food. My stomach started rumbling after the Tandoori Chicken. Then it tightened up a bit after the Curry Lamb and started straining by the time our honey-laden dessert rolled around. Have you ever felt so full you can't even concentrate? That's kinda how I felt tonight. And he talks really slowly and methodically, choosing words and questions carefully. Not a problem except my eyes were starting to blur. But it was nice, had a great time. I could tell he was taking careful mental notes about things I liked and didn't like, pet peeves, etc. And his mother and I share a birthday which is ironic. So finally, after 2.5 hours of gorging myself, I stumbled to my car, gave him a hug and bounced.

Annoying thing #35902456 about living with your parents: having to explain inconsequential outings. I told my mom late in the evening that I was going out for dinner.

"With who?!?!"

"This guy Jim from the gym...it's nothing, just dinner."

"Well it must be pretty damn important! There is TOR-REN-TIAL downpour! Where are you going? Is he coming to get you??!"

"No, Mom..I'm meeting him there.."

"Oh good. Don't tell him where we live. You barely know this person..."

"Yes, Mom..."

Then when I came back, I had to hear it from both my parents.

DAD: Uh hmmm...so how was your date? Did you kiss him?

ME: Oh JE-SUS, Daaaadddd!!! You're so embarrassing!! It was JUST DINNER!

MOM: Well...who is this Jim? You didn't mention him. What did you eat? I made Michelle's cake. So when are you gonna see Jim again hmmmm??

DAD: Yeah, you were gone for 2.5 hours. Hmph, some dinner. Bet you kissed him.


Ugh...parents are annoying. Any and all dates will be John Doe from now on. But yeah, he's cool people. However, I'd better make it clear that friendship is ALL he's about to get from me.

I'm off to North Carolina this weekend, with a quick stop by Richmond to visit my Crazy. Stories to follow I'm sure... :)

Until then,


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