My Temporary Escape from Reality

London was just that - a temporary escape from my hectic reality. I intended to divest myself of all the emotional baggage that had been draining me and I think it semi-accomplished that goal. As anyone who has ever experienced disappointment knows, it's nearly impossible to shut off your mind when it's focused on something, whether good or bad. In my quiet moments, I thought of G. But I mostly stayed busy hanging out with my fabulous friends. I drove up to NYC first and hung out with my brother and his girlfriend. They took me to, go figure, a Korean fried chicken spot called BonChon. I remember seeing it in Korea but never went there. A few other friends joined us and we made a night out of laughing, drinking (dangerous) soju and grubbing. The following night, my DC crew was in town to celebrate my girl's birthday so I hung out all day with them. I was feeling a bit down since this was a trip G and I were supposed to make together, but I tried to have a good time. My flight to London was super early, about 745am, so I barely slept. Nervous energy? Perhaps...I had some red wine to calm my nerves on the flight and thought of all the impending fun...
Seeing the Parliament Building never really gets old...it's like living art. Even in the gloomy weather, I couldn't help but stop and stare, traffic jams be damned. The traffic is probably the most unfortunate aspect of this area....too many gawking tourists like me.
the London Eye...aka the-ginormous-ferris-wheel-that-I'm-too-scared-to-ride...
A lovely pub near Westminster...there's like 2 pubs per person in London...which I just made up but it sure felt true
The iconic London Underground logo made from random objects...like clay and pencil and tape. Cute artwork.
View from the Thames River..
In Tra-FAL-gar Square, which I inevitably mispronounce and am promptly corrected by anyone within earshot.
Walking with my friend Harry, in search of ice cream
The coolest rocker momma on the planet...and her squiggly (albeit a bit grumpy) bundle of cuteness.
My new love - Strongbow cider
The man of a million metaphors...
Headed to the Tate Modern...loved every minute, especially their A-MA-ZING gift shop!! Who knew?!
Had to sneak a pic or two...you can't judge a book by its cover nor a museum by its facade. Looked like an abandoned building on the outside but how deceptive! My trip had many highlights, some of which I failed to capture on camera. Had dinner with a fellow blackgirl blogger at an adorable Thai restaurant near Piccadilly Circus. First time having ostrich since the Philippines and it tasted even better than I remembered. My friend's husband also made a proper English meal with yorkshire pudding, roast beef and gravy, potatoes, and veggies. I ate enough fish & chips and drank enough Magner's to satisfy my cravings for years to come. Even more, I enjoyed walking around Brick Lane, where I sampled divine Indian cuisine and browsed beautiful vintage boutiques.
cool graffiti near Brick Lane
When the time came to leave London, I felt ready to start on my new journey. After starting work and having an incredible summer in DC with my "framily" (friends who are really more like family), I discovered that I'd be spending the next 2 years in the glorious Caribbean island of Barbados. So, here we go... :) Until then, J

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LadyWritesTheBlues said...

I'm glad all is well! I'm finally ready to look into this and came back to your blog, of course, to read first hand how things were with you teaching abroad since I've stalked your journey for years lol. Blessings!