UK Getaway

When the ish hits the fan, folks, that's when I pack my bags and leave the country. Call it extreme flight syndrome, but I just have to get away. Traveling not only feels amazing, but it gives me perspective. Whenever I get too lost in my own thoughts or bogged down in my world of madness, getting away allows me to breathe again. So, yesterday, I booked a 4-day trip to London to see some friends. I also plan to sightsee, find a leftover Royal Wedding trinket, and try not to go broke. Even though I hate planes, I must admit that I'm pumped to fly on Virgin Atlantic!

Anyway, this weekend is all about celebrating the people who dragged me across the finish line, offered words of encouragement, commiserated with me, and bought me lots of drinks. I love you all. And although the ex won't be around to raise a glass to me, I appreciate all of his hard work to get me here, too. It takes a village...to get a chick through graduate school.

Cheers everyone!


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